(Another) Leon with Condensation in Rear Light Cluster


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Sep 11, 2018
Tested out my snow foam attachment and Avalanche on my car last weekend. Rinsed it off, but noticed condensation on my outer rear light cluster. :cry:

A bit concerned because large water beads have formed, and it still hasn't dried up. They're now running down the inside of the plastic casing.

I've phoned the dealer I bought it (literally 2 weeks ago) from and they asked me to email some pictures (because I'm 45 minutes away), which I have. I offered to drive to them and they've asked me to come in on Monday so they can have a better look.

After scouring the forum, I've found it seems to be a common problem. I've also noticed a few days afterwards, the casing has started to crack from the inside, like some have mentioned in other threads.

I wanted to ask a few things in preparation for the visit:

1. From what I understand, it's a faulty seal which allows condensation to form. Is that correct?
2. What is it that causes the cracking? I haven't bumped the car in any way shape or form.
3. Has anyone ever had the rear lights replaced under a Seat Approved Warranty? Mine is a second-hand '14 plate, so out of the manufacturer's warranty.
4. Is there a link to a bulletin which says Seat are aware of this condensation problem?

Worst case scenario if they don't offer to replace for free, or brush it off as not necessary to replace:
5. What else can I do/say which will help me fight my corner? Really don't fancy forking out £150 odd for a new unit.
6. If it came to it, would it be difficult to replace this unit myself?

Thanks in advance folks. I'm hoping it does just get replaced, but after reading about other peoples' experiences (at other dealers), it could go either way.


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Apr 16, 2016
If you bought it from a seat dealer 2 weeks ago you should get a 6 month warranty with it anyway.

I had mine replaced a couple of weeks after I bought mine used off a seat dealer.

Just go in and ask for a replacement they know all about it so you shouldn't have any problems.
Failing that ring seat customer services and they will escalate it.

I'm not sure why it happens, poor quality or overtightened screws but don't worry about it just take it to them and don't take no for an answer.


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Dec 13, 2014
There was a huge batch of cars in 2014 (my previous 64 plate FR had the issue) where the bolts holding the lights in were overtightened at the factory. This caused cracking and then condensation - were replaced FOC by Seat.
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