Arosa 1.4tdi starting problem


Hi All, I hope someone can help.

My Arosa 1.4tdi has been randomly not starting over the past few months, when this has happened I have bump started it and its been fine.
However it has now got to the point that bump starting isn't working either. The car turns over but just will not fire and the glow plug light is not coming on.
After reading a few other posts I have replaced the 109 relay which didn't make a difference so I also replaced the glow plugs and its still not working.

Where I'm trying to get it started the battery is slowly dying so I got hold of some jump leads thinking I could at least get the car home and charge the battery up a little bit in the process but that failed to start it as well.

Does anybody out there have any idea what it could be? I'm guessing it's something electrical stopping the signal getting to the plugs.

Thanks everyone



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Aug 20, 2009
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Have you got an alan key and WD40? I too was having intermittent starting problems, my local garage couldn't find the fault, so I got the inhibitor changed in the hope it would help, but no. The starter motor followed but didn't help at all, in fact the starting issues seemed to get worse.
All it took was an alan key, some WD40 and £20! The reason was that the button you press on the gear lever to put the car in drive or park etc, wasn't springing out properly, even if it seemed to spring out, it only took half a centimeter and the car wouldn't start. The WD40 took care of that. That can be done at home, you take off the lever's plastic handle with the alan key, spray with WD40 and replace the handle. My Arosa's been starting perfectly ever since (September 2015)...
A bit long-winded but hope it helps.


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Aug 28, 2016
I had an arosa many moons ago, I had a problem with mine, it wouldn't start sometimes. Turnt out mine was a dodgy connection wire. Will ask the guy who brought it of me what wire! So i can't be any help st this moment in time!

Safe to say once the guy who brought it off me h was distraught as I let it go for £200! She was a beast!
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