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Brake lights flickering and loss of power


Anyone help me with this one.

Brake lights flicker/flash when applied and I suffer loss of power. This only happens when I actually have the lights turned on. Without lights on this doesnt happen. Brakes work fine. Totally baffled.

Any ideas?



Hi, thanks for prompt replies.

I've got 2003 Leon Cupra.

Yes, recently replaced brakes bulbs. Not sure how you can actually fit the bulb the wrong way? Baynot style plug in and twist all there is to it.

Have I made some school boy error or something? I'm almost tempted to get out there and refit them but its lashing with rain.

Thanks again.


Sep 17, 2007
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
Its a common error made we see it at work all the time has it only done it since then, some people fit single filament instead of twin pole and it can cause this fault.Its just a idea mate try and give you something to look at.:)


Yeah only started since I fitted new bulb. I'll try some different ones tomorrow although I'm convinced I bought the right ones.

Thaks for the ideas. :)


Apologies for not posting sooner.
It turns out that the bulbs were correct, but the connection wasn't great. Checked out the price of new bulb tray at TPS who wanted £16 so I messed around a little and managed to get a good connection. So far so good. No disco and no loss of power.
So one to watch in future I guess. Amazing that a dodgy connection can cause total loss of power when lights are turned on.
Thanks for the help and suggestions.
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