bulb question?


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Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
I'd think initially as said, the wiring would suffer in a bad way, followed by the lamp holder and then the plastic light covers. Of course Plod might just catch you in time and save you some of these problems - these wattages are not provided or permitted for use on public roads - well in UK anyway.

The 100watt is the electrical power consumed by the filament, the output will be rated in Lumens, I'm guessing that you are quoting a "50%+" model of bulb.
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Mar 25, 2009
i have had 100w bulbs fitted for ages with no problem what so ever,

they state that they are for off road use only and do not state that they require any sort of structural or electrical adaptation,

a mate of mine also has some 100ws (same company) in his mk3,

i think it was a case that they were causing problems when they were first lauched a long time ago. i have not heard of any recent problems with them whatsoever
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