1. Glovebox light not work

    Hi all, i have Seat Leon 5f1, glove box light not work, try to change bulb but without success, i do not have multi meter to check about power to the bulb, try to find is there any fuse but not clearly explained , somewhere i see that it is same fuse for cigarette lighter (12V socket) but i...
  2. Cupra unfixable bulb warning light? HELP REQUIRED

    Okay, so the story goes I put a deposit down on a 2014 Seat Ibiza Cupra. All was going well, until I got a phone call from the dealer, saying there's a bulb warning light on. Initially, they said it's fine and easily fixable (fine) and said it's because of the front headlight light bulb. A few...
  3. jaykicksass

    HIDs or bulb upgrades?

    As above, what shall I do? I have a FL leon FR in black, have people put hids in? if so any picture? Thanks Jamie
  4. mick-fr

    Rear Light Bulb

    Hello all, Just noticed one of my Bootlid Tail Bulbs are out. Can anyone point me in the direction as to which kind of bulb it is? I should have time to get down to Halfrauds tonight hopefully, then the task of fitting it :lol: Thanks
  5. Replaced headlight bulb still not working - Ibiza 1.9 2006

    I'm not really mechanically minded but would like to learn a little and with the help of a friend replaced a dodgy headlight bulb with a new one and still not working. Passenger side. :wtf: Visually the old one looks damaged new one as you would expect visually no defects. Not sure if it is...
  6. gemini

    H7 bulb question (not HID/xenon)

    Anyone tried regular H7 bulbs with increased power? Like the Phillips X-treme Power 80+ or the Osram NightBreaker 90+? As xenon is not legal here in Hungary I need something like them.
  7. benny91

    new bulb or HID packing up?

    Firstly Hello again all, right im not very mechanically minded or experienced with cars, so bear with me! right brought the car with a HID kit installed, been working perfectly for close to a year of happy motoring now, until this evening i noticed the passenger side dipped beam is a...
  8. rear fog bulb change

    Can anybody tell me how to remove rear fog lens? 2005 Toledo. Hand book says to insert cross head screwdriver into hole under lens and turn in direction of arrow. Found hole ok but I have been sitting on my ass for the past 20 mins trying to remove what in my opinion is an imaginary screw. I'm I...
  9. Alhambra headlamp bulb replacement

    Can anyone help:( Need to change the headlamp bulbs in my alhambra, tried to get to them but unless i can get a really advanced child to help there seems no way to get to them:shrug: Anyone know how to replace them or is it a stealer job
  10. sick2death

    LCR bulb help

    Right. Without wanting to sound like a complete idiot, which I am btw, I need a bit of advice. I completely hate the "yellow" look of my LCR's headlights at night, but seriously doubt my abilities at fitting a HID kit. So can I get some half decent looking "white" bulbs without going HID...
  11. What bulb?

    What bulb is it in the main headlight? cheers
  12. kevh

    Headlamp Bulb advise please

    My previous car had xeon so the cupra standard bulbs seem a bit dim and yellow. whats the best bulbs to get without breaking the bank or fitting HID kit?
  13. HID conversion on H1 bulb (full beam)

    Hi all just wondered if anybody had fitted the h1 full beam hid conversion kit on there lcr. i notcied on mine its got a black box on the back of the bulb. how would this work? what does it do?
  14. dipped bulb gone

    hello first off apologies for not searching, I'm at work and on my phone my dipped bulb passenger side went last night what size bulb do I need? also would it be worth getting Phillips supervision or decent bulbs? what would you recommend? thanks
  15. nossi_20v

    help brake light bulb!

    hi everyone got pulled over the other day n was told my drivers side brake light wasnt working.no problem i thought and went to halfrauds n bought a bulb gt home n went to fit it and ths is were my problems started!it might sound very dumb but how do you get to the brake light bulb!ive undone...
  16. headlight bulb upgrade, help needed

    Hey,so searched through most of the threads here but comming up short. i'm going to upgrade the oem bulbs to osram nightbreakers. ive got the full and dipped beam bulbs from the different threads here, H1 and H7, but cant find the part code for the side lights, i take it ill need to change these...
  17. adam taylor

    bulb question?

    Hello their just wanted to know if i fitted 100w bulb with a 150w out put to the diped lights (h7) and fog lights(h3) would it melt or dammage the light cluster/lence? Cheers adam
  18. deedaskrh

    Cryo bulb thing

    :confused:Hi, i came across this the other day whilst on one of my pipe dreaming sesh`s on a well known internet tuning shop! http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/products/ProductDetail.asp?cls=ROAD&pcode=DEI080110 just wondering if anyone knows much about it, to me the theory seems sound...
  19. Bulb Replacement

    Hi, been looking at getting some new bulbs for my Ibiza, I don't want to go down the HID road, so dont suggest it to me :P Im looking at the OSRAM Cool Blue range (or nightbreakers), I want to change all the bulbs really and found them on carbulbs.com...
  20. Seat leon dash bulb removal ?

    Right i need to remove my abs bulb on my seat leon mk1, lost my haynes manual and cant see how to do it or any idea how i could stop the abs light coming on ? ive replaced all 4 wheel sensors ! cheerz, rob
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