1. SeatR

    HID bulb question

    hey mates, there are already fitted Hids on my leon! But the 1 is blown, but i have a pair of 6000k hids and ballast from my previous car! Is there possible to just use the Bulb, with the other ballast box ? or will this cause a fail?
  2. Chester

    Interior rear light bulb - 509t?

    Hi there, Can anyone confirm that the interior light fitting above each of the rear passenger doors contains a 509t type bulb (screw type fitting)? If so, does anyone know where I can get an ultra-bright LED 509t from, either frosted or side mounted (as direct will just shine down towards...
  3. mixupz

    Rear bulb types...

    Quick post havent been on in ages....:rolleyes: Just need the types of bulbs that are on the rear of my MK4... im looking to go fully LED across the board.. So i just need the bulb type for each bulb... Thanks guys..
  4. Dave_R

    Dashboard Bulb's

    Since my whole dash is out I might as well change all the bulb's on the dash. I have searched but basically find how to change them to blue. Just to check I got this right..... the warning lights, (Handbrake on, sidelights, inductors, abs, etc....) are 286 and the actually bulb that lights...
  5. TSL 333

    Headlight bulb change

    Is it easy to change the n/s (passenger side) headlight bulb; what needs to come out first? Had a bit of a hangover on Sunday when I was going to change it so it looked harder than it was!!:redface:
  6. Removing side light bulb

    Hi, I have been attempting to replace the side light bulb on the passenger side, and have removed all the covers, but am having no luck releasing the actual bulb holder... Is there a specific method to this, rather than just pulling at it, as the manual doesnt give much advice! I have been...
  7. How do you get the rear numberplate light bulb cover off

    Ive been trying to remove the rear number plate light bulb cover but it wont budge ,how does it come out please?
  8. fr-tdi

    interior bulb

    anyone know what size the festoon interior bulb is? im not with my car right now and cant rip it out to measure, :ban:
  9. Yaboy

    ebay bulb set ??

    would like some better bulbs for my lc as Im fitting headlamp protectors, came across these on ebay 100w so should be powerful enough...
  10. cupra headlight bulb cover part number...

    Hi folks, Can anyone tell me the part number for the cover at the back of the cupra headlight please. Its the twin light version i need. Going to order 2 from my dealer soon as i have it. Cheers, lee p.s, i'll also take any broken lensed cupra lights if ya just gunna bin them
  11. dubz_wm

    headlight bulb blown.....??

    hey all I thought i had blown my drivers side bulb on my cupra over the weekend, turns out the bulb is fine, same with the fuses and relays. what else poss could it be? there not standard bulbs they are 100w ice blue bulbs. any ideas what else could of gone wrong?
  12. griff82

    twin bulb headlight questio

    one of my ibiza cupra healights have been broken everything eles is in tact except for the glass im having a bit of trouble trying to finding one my question is would i just be able to fit just the glass off a normal single bulb ibiza headlight i think they look the same:confused...
  13. Brake light bulb

    I have a brake light bulb out on my ibiza. Ive removed the 2 screws in the boot. The light cluster is loose but one corner is still attached. Is this the ball type socket that needs a good tug to come loose or do i need to take the boot apart to find a screw holding it in? Cheers
  14. beezertart

    fog bulb size?

    morning all, quick question as need to order some urgently, are fog bulbs h3 on the gti?? haven't got my haynes to hand,car is miles away and no time to search.all help greatly appreciated,thanking you muchly!! :)
  15. Dougy

    Head/Side light bulb upgrades

    Hey guys Just wanting to know what fitment for headlights and sidelight bulbs are and recommend any Need rid of the yellow look Can't afford the works but just looking to upgrade the bulbs Thanks
  16. immersion

    Interior Light Bulb Same in Licence Plate/Boot?

    Hi Does anyone know if the Bulb for the interior light is the same for Rear Licence Plate and boot in a Prefacelift?
  17. Number plate Bulb change

    I am just about to order new Number plate bulbs for my Mk1 2004 FR TDI, but after doing a bit of research I'm a bit confused - so sorry for the stupid question! Can someone tell me whether I need to get 501 Bulb type, or do I get the Festoon Bulb? I presumed that I needed the Festoon type...
  18. Rael

    Reverse Light bulb and Headlight bulbs

    I have searched but cannot for the life of me find a post someone write about changing the bulb in the reverse light for a more powerful one. It's lunacy how dim it is, so if anyone knows where this post was, or in fact has the info to hand, I'd appreciate it! And...while we're on the...
  19. headlight not working, bulb ok

    are there any fancy controls of anything for the headlights on a cupra, as my pass side one doesnt work lamp is fine, there just seems to be no power getting to the lamp holder, just thought i'd ask before a crack the tester out 2moro, cheers
  20. hamsterroadkill

    How to change a passenger side headlight bulb on MK I FR?

    Back of the headlight cluster is blocked by the battery cover and I can't work out how to get the blinkin thing off. [:@] Any ideas? Cheers
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