1. Cal91

    Interior light bulb size?

    I would like to know the size of the bulb inside the interior light please :) I believe it's a festoon right? Is the boot light the same size? Thanks!
  2. 2003 cupra int. bulb

    :confused:2003 cupra T where can i buy rear reading light bulbs? They seem to be a mystery... cheers toaophil
  3. topleya

    Front Fog light bulb replacement

    Ok my driver side fog light is not working anymore. I assume it is the bulb. Where can I get the bulb from and how do I change it? Went to halfords and they were as useful as they always are (ie. not)
  4. Gooner_Mike

    A couple of bulb questions

    :confused: Today I noticed that one of my front fog light bulbs has blown, so I was wondering: 1. What type of bulb are they? (55 plate, pre-facelift Mk4 Ibiza) 2. Any recommended bulbs? Also, one of my number plate bulbs seems to be dimmer then the other (drivers side). When I had the...
  5. Which bulb size for HID kit?

    I have a 2004 Ibiza FR TDI Can anyone help please? :)
  6. Heater controls bulb replacement

    Looking to find out how to get at the bulb on the heating contols on my 1999 toledo??
  7. Big_daddy

    Boost gauge bulb ligthing

    Just quick question , have apexi 60mm boost gauge, need to change the bulbs, but not sure what to search for on fleabay, any know what type are they? also i cant seem to get them out of the holder or are the suppose to be complete? Ive broke one of the glass but of bit still stuck in there...
  8. MomoMK2

    MK2 legal Side repeater bulb colour?

    MOT failed on side repeater bulb colour, halfords charts say white ones for r reg mk2, however i'm pretty sure the ones on currently would be classed as white (aftermarket repeaters), but i seem to remember the OEMs have an amber surround which would make them well... amber! someone clear...
  9. PaulD

    Headlight Bulb - very quick question

    Hi everyone.. quick question.. headlight's gone and needs replacing.. am I right in thinking the following will be fine? Thanks headlights
  10. headlight bulb upgrade

    Anyone got any ideas about how bright i can change my headlight bulbs to? I'm fed up with my lights looking really dull, orangey, and not very bright, but want something as bright as i can legally go, with a bright white light. Any ideas?
  11. Lighting Help (Bulb sizes)

    Hi guys. Im looking to change my interior bulbs and numberplate bulbs for the bright wight xenon look. Does anyone know what bulbs are needed and if so what size and fitment i need to get? Am i right in thinking the numberplate bulbs and interior reading light bulbs would be festoons all round...
  12. Headlight Bulb fitments

    Hi All, Can anyone tell em what fitment is the low beam and high beem bulds for a 200 Toledo? Are they H1, H4 H7?? Cheers Alex
  13. bulb failure

    hi all new to the forums here and wondered if anyone could shed any light on an issue i seem to have; I have an 07 altea xl 2.0tdi (140) stylance and recently i have noticed that the dash lights up showing i have a faulty bulb... having checked all the lights etc to find that they all are...
  14. Jerry*

    Bulb Replacement - Which are best?

    My LCR seems to have Xenon bulbs fitted in the main headlamps, which are great most of the time and offer much brightness and give off a nice icy blue light. These were on the car when I bought it last month and I'm pretty sure that there hasn't been a full on headlamp conversion done...
  15. Gordz

    Indicator Bulb Issue! Very Confused!

    Is the size of bulb required for the Mk1 Seat Leon indicator '382'? As that's what is said on SCN, what is said on many bulb websites, and even halfords. But... I got some indicator bulbs today (size 382), and they don't fit :( The ones that are currently in the Leon say on them '382' but the...
  16. ibiza staff

    lovin the splitter and hid bulb kits

    hey up guys, popped the lcr splitter on yesterday, wawawewa! personaly i think it looks cracking now has really set the front end of. also anyone know where i can get a hid bulb kit from? decent quality and decent price?cheers
  17. rocky2008

    Bulb types 1.2l 02 plate

    i have searched through the forum and i cant seem to find any posts that mention what size the bulbs are for the preface lift 1.2 12v ibiza on an 02 plate. on my car there is only one bulb, and that does dipped and main beam. i am looking to upgrade mine as from what i have heard HID's light up...
  18. Leon cupra xenon oem bulb upgrade

    Hi All Has anyone tried upgrading the standard OEM xenon bulbs on their Leon Cupra MK2. If you have please could you post some instructions with photos and how you did it. Thanks :happy:
  19. Bulb Types?

    Hi everyone, just wondering what type of bulbs the Ibiza takes (I havent had mine delivered yet, is '55 reg), I know the dipped beam is H7, so my HID kit from my old Corsa will go in, just want to get hold of mainbeam, front indicators, sidelights, foglights etc, so I can get white/blue to match...
  20. Front indicator bulb not working..help

    My front passengers side indicator bulb isn't working, bulb out warning came up on the dash today, bought a new bulb at my local dealership and fitted it, still doesn't work. Checked the original bulb and it wasn't even blown! Swapped out the bulb and holder from the drivers side door (which...
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