1. Quick bulb question

    What fitment is the fog light and brake light on a cupra? Ta
  2. Derek

    exploding bulb

    headlight bulb exploded for some reason! leaving tiny bits of glass inside the headlamp unit. If I take the bumper off and get out the unit will I be able to get the glass out by tipping it out or am I wasting my time?, the reason I ask is because I am unsure if the refectors will come out to...
  3. Headlight bulb replacement?

    Just done a search, and it says theres a guide somewhere on here on how to do this. Anyone know where ? Must say looks an awkward job, manual says take it to a dealer, dont really wanna have to do this.Its the passenger side (battery right in front):confused: Any advice ?
  4. side light bulb replacment

    Hi all, the nearside bulb has just blown and I thought I'd have a quick look at it. Took the small triangular panel off and the metal clip fell off, then I couldnt get my hand into the small space. Anybody know the best way of replacing this bulb, battery out, whole headlight out I hate...
  5. Quick Question About Headlight Bulb

    Can i get one in halfords? Is cheaper in halfords or stealer? What type do i get?
  6. bulb on high level brakelight

    hi just had my cupra tdi 20000 mile service and on the invoice it said attention bulb on high level brake light out ,it looks not such an easy job has anyone replaced a bulb , it looks like there are quite a few bulbs in the light ,it must take some time else the stealers would have replaced it...

    head light bulb on leon cupra 20vt

    can anyone shed some light on this problem, does the battery have to come out to change a bulb as the drivers bulb went on me last night so just in time got to Halfords and bought me some xeon bulbs,little to my knowledge that the bulbs in the car are crystle blue(the bright ones) so i fit...
  8. Headlight & Sidelight bulb replacement

    Can anyone recommend the best replacement headlight & sidelight bulbs to replace the OEM ones? I'm not looking for the blue tinted ones, just the ones that give the best illumination for night driving. Can anyone recommend a brand & model? Recommended suppliers would also be good. Thanks...
  9. Bulb Failure Warning!

    Does the Leon have a bulb failure warning system? Im about to order a towbar/electrics for my LC TDI and unsure to get a relayed electric kit to deal with bulb failure systems.
  10. Molehill_Mike

    Ibiza Cupra Headlight Bulb Upgrade??

    Just bought some (Xenon - I think thats right) headlight bulbs for Cupra. :) Had a quick look under the bonnet, doesn't seem like a two minute job. :( Any suggestions? :confused: Mike :cheers: PS Anyone with a 2nd hand Haynes manual going for a 2001 Ibiza Cupra?
  11. How do I change my sidelight bulbs?

    How to remove front sidelight bulb I have a Leon, and the front side light bulb on the driver side has blown. Its the bulb under the main H7 bulb, does it just yank out or does it need to be screwed out? The manual just says to 'remove' it !
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