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Clutch Pedal Spring


Aug 9, 2003
Mansfield, Notts
Was checking my steering column bolts this weekend as per a recent forum thread and as I took the plastic cover off I noticed a large spring resting inside the cover. After looking over a few diagrams I think it's the over-center spring (number 20 in the diagram below)

I wondered why my clutch has been feeling strange lately!! looks like the spring has come unseated but question is how do I refit?? I was working on my own and was finding it difficult to depress the pedal and force the spring back into it's mount, any ideas??


dai cupra

mate i had same problem what a :censored: it was u just got to hold pedal and spring at same time and its a fiddly job took me about 1hour :lol: need any help pm me pal

dai cupra

lol if u need a hand let me no i could guide u pal

remember its a complete :censored:
May 16, 2008
j king with out the spring did u have any side move ment in the pedal as my brake and clutch pedal move about 1-2 cm side to side if i hold them..


ibiza clutch pedal spring

hi, i have Ibiza 99, i took the clutch pedal out and i cant find part 23 in the picture.

i put the pedal back in without part 23 with the spring it seems to be working fine but
i am afraid that nothing is attached to the pedal (no bolts or something like that).


That's exactly what i did, but did you use part numbered 23 in the picture above?

i haven't used it because i think it wasn't there, i hope so anyway...

the spring isnt attached to anything by bolts or something like that it just sits there by

pressuring the clutch pedal right?


Huge Member!
Feb 11, 2004
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The spring, (part number 20) has two end caps, and possibly something in the middle of the spring, I think part #23, is just one of the end caps, white iirc.

It should slot into place on the back of the pedal.


Thanks forbez, that's what i thought.

that it's the back of the spring and not an extra part.

i'm relived now. :D
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