cobra exhausts?


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Jun 20, 2009
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i will post a vid up of mine tomorrow, quality is not the best due to camera on phone but you get the idea.
That would be brilliant if you could. How much louder is it over the stock system? I want quite a loud exhaust but don't want to go Decat & then stage 2.

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Jun 24, 2006
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As I said about my experiences before, I mentioned about my exhaust "getting quieter" around town, and now the exhaust is on 1000 odd miles I've noticed it even more.

Yeh we know the Leon has great sound insulating, but this exhaust tone has evened up so much it's barely recognisable from when it was first fitted.

When it was first fitted the car sounded decat loud on startup and on low revs/manoeuvring into a parking bay for example. It did drone at certain rpm's (say if you sitting in 6th gear at 50mph) but then again most exhausts would. Now after 1000 miles the car feels smooth, non intrusive but still 'edgy' around town. Almost to the point where u forget it's on.....however, floor it in 2nd and the bark on it is much louder than when it was fitted. It pops when driven in anger or the traction control is engaged BUT it momentarily loses traction. Engine backs off (obviously) but you get a loud BANG! It's great.

Fuel economy did seemto drop a bit but I put that down to having stage 2 mods on a stage 1 car. Now Revo stage 2 the economy (not that I'm bothered) has improved, the 3" downpipe has truly proved itself in the 'throwing your head back in to the seat' yardstick, and the symphony of hate the car rolls out when your flooring it has proved to me this is a quality system. Wish I done it sooner.

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Jun 4, 2012
I need to erase this post from my brain! This is my next purchase but have one mot two lots of tax and an insurance renewal coming

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May 21, 2011
Sound raspy but the tone changes alot as it carbs up goes alot bassy tone and really barks out on boost



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Feb 5, 2012
wont be raspy at all with standard downpipe and cat will just have a lil bit more bark over standard tbh as thats what i have no where near the loudness i want that why im going for a relentless 200 cell sports cat and 3 inch dp :)
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