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Cold air feed


Active Member
Dec 3, 2009
I fitted my induction kit a few weeks ago, but being in a rush, never put the cold air feed in.

I was playing around with it last night, trying to decide where to put it... does anyone have any recommendations/pics?

ive seen it going to the foglight which would be ideal, but from reading seems only possible with FMIC fitted - which I dont.


Standard'ish Cupra R 225
Jul 30, 2009
Hiya mate, im in the exact same boat. Induction kit fitted with standard cold air feed ;-( i want a nice big chunky one but cant run it from fog light as i am using the STD intercoolers ;-(


Ding Ding Round 2!!!
Nov 12, 2006
There's plenty of space around the battery area, so why not make some brackets and relocate the battery over a bit, allowing plenty of room for a bigger feed to get between the battery and headlight

I managed to get a set of brackets with a cold air scoop from FEEL on here a couple of years ago, but i'm not sure he still does them....try posting in the "wanted" section and you might get lucky :)


Active Member
May 14, 2008
I removed the foglight and ran it from there with standard intercoolers and fitted no problem. Think i had 80 mm ducting and worked well.
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