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  1. Whoosing air sound Leon 184 fr tdi

    Hi everyone. I have a Leon mk3 fr tdi 184 2016 plate. Last year when I took my car to dealership for service I noticed there was like a air sound. This sound wasn't there before the service. So anyways I took it back and they said everything is fine and they suspect its a wheel bearing?! This...
  2. Price for new cam belt and air pump needs replacing. Can any one give me some advise?

    Hi, I've got a 2003 20v 1.8t Cupra and need a new cam belt. Only got 48000 on the clock but it's never had it done. I've been quoted £310 + vat from a non Seat Dealer. Is this fair? Also my management light came on and Seat said it the secondary air injection has an incorrect flow and it...
  3. Tom03

    Help with choosing an Air Filter

    Hey guys, Was wanting to buy an air filter for my car. Don't know if this is the correct one (or the best one) http://www.potn.co.uk/kn-element--panel-filter-seat-ibiza-v-14-20082009-332920_p1517522.htm My car is the Ibiza 1.4 Sportrider 58 plate model.. Thanks for your help /Tom --EDIT--...
  4. Mark_vRS

    Jetex air filter

    Just fitted the Jetex/elbow combo, what a difference btw! but what do you do with the corregated hose that came of the airbox as its just sat there now attached to nothing? cheers
  5. fellowsuk

    how do i know when my air con is on?

    I have the digital climate but there is no air con button.now its starting to get warmer I've thought about it. How do u know when its on?
  6. wezy0

    seat leon fr.1,8t air box

    hi all.:D just got k an n .should i drill the air box or not.
  7. Gooders

    Auto air con LCR

    I've noticed that my air con sometimes comes on automatically without me doing anything :shrug: ...anyone else have this problem? thanks
  8. ChrisGTL

    Jabba Air Heat Shield Pictures/Measurements

    Has anyone got one of these? I'm using the Jetex 80mm cone and want a heat shield making for it........thinking buying some sheet metal, polishing it up and cutting it out to fit.... If anyone has the Jabba one, or who has made their own up can you post pictures and even dimensions? Please...
  9. Evoms cold air intake for Leon cupra 2008 model needed

    Is this the best intake for sound and performance on the Seat Leon Cupra 2008 model Im from South Africa and currently Evoms and BSH leading market Whats the best price u can offer me including good efficient shipment to south africa (cape town). If someone has a second hand one i will also be...
  10. ibizadoyle

    air intake

    hi im goin to experiment in creating a new intake next week as i have time off and access to a rr free of charge so i shall keep you posted on the results as it is much cheaper the the 160 intake and it also looks oem but is it possible to have to much air being sucked in or is it a case of the...
  11. K&N direct replacement air filter

    Took my car to a Diesel specialists today whinging about MPG, like normal and they advised me to get a direct replacement K&N filter which would allow my car to breath better and thus increase the MPG. They advised that in winter the paper filters work less efficiently due to moisture in the...
  12. Yorkshire Bob

    Air bag light after Re-map??

    I had my SE TDI re-mapped by Angel Tuning, all's great but after he did it the AIRBAG light wouldn't go off on the dash, i spoke to a friend of mine who works for the RAC and he advised me that if any impact did occur the AIRBAG wouldn't deploy, now here's my dillema, it's only taken him four...
  13. Zappa

    Air Filters

    Hi, I was checking the spark plugs last night (hadn't been checked in a couple of years now). They were still in great shape, gave them a clean and put them back in. Whilst I was at that I checked the air filter, and it is awful! Quite a build up, going to change it tonight or early in...
  14. ChrisGTL

    Suggest me an Air Intake - LCR225

    Having spending the last few days reviewing air intakes i'm completely non the wiser on which one to go for. From what I've read a stage 1 LCR is best on a uprated panel filter using OEM airbox? However, there will be no negatives from getting rid of the stock airbox for a induction kit...
  15. paulfs

    Cold Air Induction Kits

    I'm a little confused over this, I was looking at this as a first mod, some recommend a CAI Kit & some seem wary re fuel & DPF issues, plus loads to choose from: 1. Pipercross Viper 2. K & N Typhoon 3. BRC 4. Greens 5. Powertech etc Can anyone offer advice. Cheers Paul
  16. Which Cold Air Intake For Leon Cupra 1.8T ??

    I decided to spend a few bucks... Which one do you guys recommend ? God Bless
  17. Pipercross Panel Air Filter

    Hey guys, I've been offered a fairly cheap second hand Pipercross Panel filter for my 1.4, its done about 1000 miles with it, so not a huge amount and hes asking for £15 for it. Is it worth it? I know it won't provide any noticeable performance gains but will it provide a little more noise...
  18. owen lcr

    3" air intake

    Hi folks, away to change my dbilas for a full 3" air intake but the only one i can seem to find is the VF engineering intake from regal... http://www.vf-accessories.com/acc-airintake_vw20t.php anyone got any idea where i can get a full length 3" intake from thanks
  19. Cleaning my Air Filter

    Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I couldn't find anywhere better. Basically, I've just cleaned my cone air filter and so I need to re-oil it. I was just wondering what oil people use (And where they get it)? Some people suggest WD40? I bought some K&N air filter...
  20. swoosh225

    Best panel air filter for LCR

    Hi people i am thinking of removing my BMC cda filter.Have read they are restrictive.Whats the best panel filter out there for the money :confused:,Ive already smoothed my air box in advance.:D Thanks in advance.:)
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