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Cold Air Intake?


Proud Seat Owner
Jun 29, 2008
Caldicot, South Wales
Anyone out there using a Cold Air feed? Other than the standard.
When I had my car modified they kept hold of the Airbox and Intake otherwise I would of used the standard air intake and ran some ducting to the airbox.

Basically I run the Aero front bumper, However I imagine this issue will be universal.
I don't have fog lights on my car so I was looking at dual cold air feeds, From both fog lights.
From what I can see the fog light holes measure in at about 75mm? Can anyone confirm on their cars also? (aero or not)

Could anyone show me how they did theirs? I have NO idea how to get my front bumper off but I can get my hands on a Car jack and some Axle Stands! So I was thinking of climbing under and working from there If possible?

Has anyone done this? I searched the forums found someone who said he'd post pictures but never saw anything further!


Teaching the kids
Jan 20, 2008
The standard airfeed is farily poo I think so it is worth investigating routing cold air to the filter. You can get some basic flexible feeds and plastic scoops and make your own system, feeding cold air from the foglight sorrounds to the filter. Might not even need to take the bumper off as you could do it from under the car once you have taken the sump guard off. I remember seeing one of the Mk1 Leon boys having a go at making a twin-feed system himself... will have a look for you!!!
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