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  1. When does stock air intake become restrictive?

    Greetings, until how much HP does the stock air intake on the Cupra MK2 become restrictive? Can it handle [email protected] crank without having to go for some aftermarket ones?
  2. Racingline R600 Intake

    I have a friend with a 2016 Golf R that has a R600 intake fitted to it, he is getting rid of the Golf R and is going to sell the R600 intake. Would the intake fit straight on to my MY19 Cupra?
  3. Which induction kit should I buy for my cupra 290?

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2016 Leon Cupra 290 Manual. I’m wanting an induction kit that makes good intake noise and that won’t restrict airflow when I take it to stage 1; around 370bhp ish. If anyone has any suggestions or experience with good intakes hit me up! Cheers Brandon
  4. Best induction kits for cupra 290

    What induction kit would people recommend for the cupra 290 dsg, want some induction noise when I let off the throttle. Any videos?
  5. Racingline R600 vs Racingline Cup Edition

    I cant make my mind up between the R600 intake or the cup edition intake, the R600 is enclosed and the cup edition is open but Racingline claim there is a minimal power difference between the two so I would like to know everybody else's opinion please.
  6. hubbly_bubbly

    Colder Intake Temperatures using Intercooler Sprayers

    I started off with some research on the net which revealed such systems have been used since quite some time back. The poplularity of doing such a mod fell away after the introduction of WMI kits though. I have never been a fan of WMI after hearing and reading too many bad things. Im not saying...
  7. Itg intake owner query

    hi I have the itg ko4 version intake fitted to my car at present, but notice that there doesn't seem to be a good feed of cold air as the heat sheild is now boxed from the original intake area. Has anyone fitted a cold air feed hose from the fog light area to the filter ? If so any diy...
  8. Evoms cold air intake for Leon cupra 2008 model needed

    Is this the best intake for sound and performance on the Seat Leon Cupra 2008 model Im from South Africa and currently Evoms and BSH leading market Whats the best price u can offer me including good efficient shipment to south africa (cape town). If someone has a second hand one i will also be...
  9. ibizadoyle

    air intake

    hi im goin to experiment in creating a new intake next week as i have time off and access to a rr free of charge so i shall keep you posted on the results as it is much cheaper the the 160 intake and it also looks oem but is it possible to have to much air being sucked in or is it a case of the...
  10. ChrisGTL

    Suggest me an Air Intake - LCR225

    Having spending the last few days reviewing air intakes i'm completely non the wiser on which one to go for. From what I've read a stage 1 LCR is best on a uprated panel filter using OEM airbox? However, there will be no negatives from getting rid of the stock airbox for a induction kit...
  11. Intake After Stage 1

    First off, sorry for another thread about installing an intake after a remap. I've had a search but haven't seen anything about my query. Having read a recent thread about installing an intake with stage 1 revo I am a little confused. I've been told that when you put in an intake to...
  12. betts

    another intake question, sorry

    basically im very interested in an intake for my cupra but ive just got some query's before i go and buy one. i seen in an earlier thread that an itg can give 30hp gain on a standard car now what would the gains be on a mapped car as im at stage 1 at the moment and how much would an intake...
  13. Fog light ducting for intake

    I need some high quality ducting, as I will be removing one of my fog lights, and using it to fee extra cool air to my ITG! Does anyone know where or any links that they sell high quality and durable ducting? Cheers.
  14. Which Cold Air Intake For Leon Cupra 1.8T ??

    I decided to spend a few bucks... Which one do you guys recommend ? God Bless
  15. owen lcr

    3" air intake

    Hi folks, away to change my dbilas for a full 3" air intake but the only one i can seem to find is the VF engineering intake from regal... http://www.vf-accessories.com/acc-airintake_vw20t.php anyone got any idea where i can get a full length 3" intake from thanks
  16. CJRamze

    Cold Air Intake?

    Anyone out there using a Cold Air feed? Other than the standard. When I had my car modified they kept hold of the Airbox and Intake otherwise I would of used the standard air intake and ran some ducting to the airbox. Basically I run the Aero front bumper, However I imagine this issue will...
  17. FR TDI boost / intake leak ?

    I have a 2007 FR TDI which I've been having problems with. ( see my earlier thread "fr tdi over filled with oil") I was advised that I could possibly have a boost leak so I've tried a visual inspection of the pipework ( most of which is inaccessable to someone as untrained as me !!!), and I've...
  18. james walker

    symptoms of split intake manifold gasket

    im pretty sure ive an air leak coming from the inlet manifold area, im experiencing high fuel comsumption, and poor air to fuel ratios... what would be the symptoms of a split intake manifold gasket guys, im hoping the issues im seeing are down to this as i have a phenolic gasket to fit...
  19. air intake problem

    i went to change my induction kit today andnoticed oil around the maf sensor housing (inside). ive removed this and all inside this is oil, its black oil coating the inside of this pipe as far as i can see. I have NOT got any oil in the water system from what i can see. car has been a bit...
  20. ABD Racing Intake Manifold

    Has anyone tried this on there 1.8T I have just purchased an Audi R8 oil cap as had an oil change and mine is completely shagged but came across this:D..... http://www.awesome-gti.co.uk/product.php?xProd=13775&xSec=349&jssCart=642ff641204dbe7e08ad36b6e00070db
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