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Cold starting


Recently my v5 170 (02MY, 103k miles) has refused to start from cold unless I give it some throttle. Performance seems the same as ever and overall MGP remains constant at 31-32 so I'm figuring its just a cold start fault rather than something more serious. I've sprayed the plugs/caps with WD40 with no effect so I was wondering if anyone has an idea about what could be causing this problem?


give the earth strap a clean with a wire brush, where it joins the chassis


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Jun 20, 2001
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Very common problem on the V5's, live with it :whistle:

I've yet to hear of anyone managing to fix this, mines has done it since I've had it.
Starts fine with no throttle from warm but needs a blip when starting from cold.


Hmmm I've not noticed any other problems indicative of an earth problem, the battery is pretty old but seems OK and the engine turns over no problem. Maybe its just a marginal drop off in battery performance meaning the starter turns the engine over slightly slower, not noticeably so, but maybe just enough to affect cold starting? :think:
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