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Come on Cordy drivers!


Active Member
Oct 17, 2011
Sheffield, UK
I bought my cordy off ebay back in september, saved her from being scrapped. a good buy, £700 with 6 months tax but so far im slowly rebuilding her (well thats what it feels like), the list af things are:

4 new tyres
Cat back stainless exhaust
Various engine gaskets
Front suspention top mounts
Rear wheel bearings
Greenstuff pads all round
EBC USR's all round
New rear brake calipers
new engine sensors with a gentle remap whilst hooked up
Clutch pedal box
New passenger door
Replaced ever speaker as all where blown
New Apexi induction filter with custome pipework
A good service
A good scrub down

All done over 6 months to a 12 year old cordy on 74k miles. She had been neglected but is now getting the love she deserves!

Things still to come:
Fully adjustable coilovers
FSE booste valve to smooth the engine out
Another good service
4 branch and sports cat
Refurb alloys
Tidy up the paintwork

Pics will eventually put pics up once the weather is better and i can get to wash her :)
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