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Copra 290 pops and bangs disappear after 5 mins


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Jul 5, 2019
Not sure if it would make any difference but out of interest does the sound stop after 15 minutes when cupra is selected for everything in individual mode?
Apr 25, 2019
2019 cupra and i dont have this problem , pops and bangs plenty when putting my foot down


2018 Cupra 290 without the copper bits
Mar 29, 2016
My 2018 290 with GPF pops and bangs big style on over-run when downshifting in sport mode. I also get some some juicy farts when pushing it.

My car has 9k on it now so I think the exhaust needs a bit bedding in.

When I set off in M1 then change to M2 at about 3.5k revs I get a deeply satisfying low fart/grumble.

I've never noticed it stopping after a while. My car seems to do it all day if you're in Sport/Cupra mode. I tend not to use Cupra mode due to the intrusive Soundaktor. I'll eventually physically disconnect it!
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Jan 27, 2019
I have a 19plate Cupra which has around 1700miles on and mine doesnt have this problem, i get loads of pops and bangs on over run and also when revving stationary, it also dsg farts when booting it, as above the pops and bangs always happen around 2.5-3k revs and dont stop until i turn the engine off or put the car back into comfort mode

I have had the odd burble and pop in comfort mode but that was only with the gearbox flicked into sport for a quick overtake.
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