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Dominion Detailing by RobDon


Daz McD
Nov 27, 2011
Montrose, Scotland
I believe i have persuaded (or your write ups have actually) my mate in his gti to come down for a full correction detail. I hope to make the trip down after winter has dissapeared :)


Pro Detailer
*** WINTER PROTECTION SPECIAL *** I am offering a double protection winter special detail for only £50. The first layer of protection is Britemax Extreme Elements sealant followed by a layer of Meguiars #26 carnauba wax.

Wax tends to last around 3 months, once that has worn off then the Extreme Elements sealant will further protect the paintwork for another 3 months, so 6 months protection right through the winter to next spring.

WINTER DOUBLE PROTECTION DETAIL - £50. Email me to book: [email protected]
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Aug 29, 2005
I would definitely take you up on those offers Rob although it is a heck of a trip from Aberdeen.


Pro Detailer
Some big changes and upgrades this winter to be ready for 2013. I am waiting for my accrediation to become an Autobrite Direct authorised detailer, which should be very soon. I will be using a lot of Autobrite products as a result of this, more Britmax and less Auto Finesse too.

I have upgraded my machine polishers to top-of-the-range Flex XC 3401 VRG and PE 14-2 150 polishers as well.

The biggest change is that I am having a garage built which I will kit out as a heated detailing studio, so I can work in any weather and achieve the best results possible. This will also allow me to be able to offer products such as Gtechniq EXO which requires panels at 20 degree C and 48-hour curing time to enable it to be used.


Full Member
May 11, 2005
Aberdeen / Edinburgh
:clap: Brilliant Rob, good to see you continuing to push the new career :)

The garage will help no ends, considering the sunny part of the UK you're in (!) ;)

Not forgotten about the discussions re my folks, it'll probably be a new year booking now - the car got hit by a falling roof tile so they're getting that sorted first :rolleyes:
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