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DPF Removal @ Fraction Of Cost


Have Mine Sorted For A Fraction Of The Cost

All I'l Say Is "Custom Code & Milltek Think They Have A Manopoly On The DPF Issue . . .. . Most Definetly Not !! "

By Selling The Replacement Pipe Along With A Remap, These Two Companies Think They Have It Sown Up...

I Had My Car Remapped & Adjusted To Avoid Looking For DPF Backpressure.

The same indiviudal maps racing cars throughout ROI & UK and was refused by Milltek to be able to purchase a replacement pipe on it's own as they had signed an exclustivity deal with custom codes over the DPF issue.

So i said fair enough , i'll sort it myself and Milltek can stick their poxy pipe up their own pipe !!

To Modify OEM DPF

Tools :
Spanners: 13mm, 17mm, 22mm
Sockets: 13mm
Allen Keys: 5mm
Torx: T30, T25, T20
4" Thin Cut Disc
Mig Welder

Engine Bay
1: Remove Heat Shield Material From Around The Sensor Control Unit
2: Loosen Sensor Control Unit Via 2 T25's , this will free up room for you to work
3: Remove Sensor 1 (i.e. nearest to Turbo) 17mm Spanner
4: Remove Sensor 2 22mm Spanner
5: Loosen Sensor 3 17mm Spanner (Cannot fully remove just yet as Sensor 4 has to loosened first)



Underneath Car
6:Lossen Sensor 4 17mm Spanner (Both Sensors 3&4 can be removed)
7: Undo and remove Undertray ( this frees up a lot of room)
8: Undo the two DPF mounting bolts (located near front right drive shaft) 13mm Socket
9: Loosen exhaust joint (about two thirds back the length of the car) 13mm Spanner


Engine Bay
10: Undo Joining Clip From Turbo 5mm Allen Key (also watch for the little gasket thats inside the flange of the turbo)
11: Relocate the previously removed sensors 1,2,3 so that they are clear from the DPF when it is being removed


Removing DPF Pipe
12: If car is over a pit then jack up the front drivers side to drop the drive shaft and create more room for extraction
13: If car is on Two post lift then continue regardless, the drives will have dropped as far as they can.

Underneath Car
14: Remove DPF section By letting removing it from its mounting bracket (8: mounting bolts removed) The Pipe will now drop down into the cavity
15: Remove Section


16: On The surface of the DPF that faces the engine block, mark out the area for cutting. I suggest keeping this as large as possible , so i marked it approx 20mm in from either end. This will make it easier to remove the Filtering Material
17: Cut section 4" Thin Cut Disc


18: Put on mask & gloves
19: The inside of the DPF is conctructed of a porous charcoal stone like composite material. Using the Hammer And Chisel Remove the Filter. It'l take a bit of elbow grease to initially break it up, but once it starts to break up, it's easy.
20: The Inside Of the DPF will be as clean as a whistle now. Using Wire wool , clean the soot from around the inlet and make sure all loose material is removed. (I used an air line)
21: Relocate & Tac section in place


22: Mig Weld

23: Reinstall as per instructions 14 - 1

24: THEN Bring to the software technician of your choice And ask then to kindly map out the pressure differencial sensors

Loads More Photos But Thet are too big to upload

Then gentleman i go to not only mapped out the sensors, but remapped it properly to 210 for me at no extra cost as it only took him an extra half an hour !! He also improved the torque band making the car pull more evenly throughout the revs. 6th gear is unbelievable !! :funk:


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Active Member
Nov 28, 2009
What about emssions tests? Does it still pass?

Seeing as it would cost a couple of grand to get a new cat, i'd sprobably spend a few quid on a replacement pipe instead - but not the silly money some charge. A friendly branch of powerflow?


I mean you've brave for trying it yourself :clap: well done
Well i was just pissed off when my fella (european recognised tuner) rang up and was told that there was an exclustivity deal between custom codes and milltek, which meant you had to fork out nearly £800 to sovle what is in effect a small problem.

And i wanted to post this up, to show everyone that it can be done without those lads charging massive money, especially for that poxy replacement pipe, and there are numerous mappers that are able to write the code for both the PD and CR ;)



AmD seem to be able to offer it ok?
Since carrying out the DIY approach, Milltek offered to supply them no problem to him. So you are probably right in saying that other tuners can now get their hands on it. We said we would do it this way as a way of saying :moon: to them. And i always like a challenge :)



Not as much bhp tho?
210 was a Figure i requested, I was informed that 230 was the limit in which the piezo injectors would work comfortably. I was also wary of putting such high torque throught the Clutch & DMF . That sort of torque through the DMF at low RPM wouldn't be long making dust of it.

Solid MF's arn't an option IMO, as that would surley shear a crank shaft
DPM Performance