engine differences between LC and LCR

John _Boy

as title really i was woundering what the differences were betwee the two models to make the LCR's 225bhp over the LC's 180bhp



status subject to change
this info is available.

but quickly of the top of my head:

225 has different larger turbo.
the compression ratios are different.
225 has two side mount intercoolers compared to the single one on the 180. (although they are both slightly smaller than the single on the 180 so its not quite double)
(The 225 routes the charge pipe over and down the left or the engine, across the front bumper then up to the nearside of the engine. The 180 runs round the bottom of the engine and to the inlet on the offside). so the inlet manifold has the inlet on the other side.

The air inlet pipes including the air mass meter have a larger diameter on the 225.

then there are differences in the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe. (225 has twin cat for example)

Then clearly there is different ECU parameters.
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