1. Technical differences FR vs Cupra

    Hi everybody I have a mk4 Ibiza FR and I am considering the new Ibiza mk5 in FR or Cupra version. Is anybody aware of any specific technical differences between the FR and Cupra? I am not talking about style differences, just technical differences which influence the ride. Is the only...
  2. Ecomotive S's differences

    So i've been looking at loads of the Leon Ecomotive S's recently, and have noticed there is very few that are the same. Is there a set timeframe that certain models had certain things or is it just random / optional extras. Seems to be 50% have alloys and 50% have the usb ipod/phone...
  3. cupramillo

    Major differences going from a Mk3 Ibiza Cupra to a LCR?

    As above, been toying with the idea of selling my mk3 Ibiza Cupra and moving on to a LCR. Has anyone made this step? If so what differences in performance, handling, mpg, reliability, tuning potential, runnings costs, that general sort of thing, did you notice from a mk3 ibiza cupra? I know...
  4. Cupra / Cupra R differences?

    hey i have a seat ibiza cupra 2000, I have a mate who has crashed his Cupra R and he is selling the parts , was wondering what are the main differences, and what parts are worth takeing? or is it just the mapping thats different between a cupra and a R ?, i am not interested in the turbo as i...
  5. greganderson

    leon and cupra R bumper differences

    Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong section by the way, but i didnt know where to put it? lol ok, so im trying to explain to my mate how the cupra R bumper is different to my standard one on my 1.4S has anybody got a pic of a leon with standard bumper like the one on mine, and a cupra...
  6. LCR/LC Facelift - Front bumper height differences

    Hey all, currently have an LCR and its pretty well documented in numerous threads about the low clearance it has and the trouble with speed humps, steep junctions and multi-story carparks. Thing is, I may have to end up changing my LCR to something more cost efficient (due to circumstances...
  7. Whats the differences between the 1.4 SE 5dr and the 1.4 cupra

    I was jus wondering what the differences are between the 2 cars as i can get a cupra (59) reg 10 miles on its clock for an extra £71 on the insurance! Can anyon tell me what the differences are please
  8. spikeydoo

    Boc & cupra differences??

    Hi just ordered a cupra, but I can only find real pics of a boc, so: Are there any exernal differences (mouth aside) are the wheels the same colour on the cupra as the boc? is the dash red or white lit? I have seen both colors... does anyone have some pics oof thier cupras??? just keen...
  9. differences between the diesel engines? 90, 110, 130, 150 etc

    Just a quick question and sorry if its been asked before, does anyone know the differences between the different output engines like the 90bhp versions and the others such a 110bhp, 130bhp etc?? Is it just the turbo and map or is it the internals? If so specifically can you tell me what? Many...
  10. kyle18uk

    Wiring loom differences?!

    Hello, in need of advice! Can anyone tell me if the wiring loom from a mk3 vw golf abf gti is exactly the same as a mk2 Ibiza gti abf?! Thanks!
  11. SeanyK

    Cupra TDI vs Cupra Petrol Realistic MPG differences

    Hey folks, So im still at the halfway house of deciding whether to change to a Cupra TDI, from a Cupra 1.8T. The daily commute will be about 35 miles, and of course theres all the other usual driving trips outside of work etc. It will generally be motorway miles, but with a bit of stop...
  12. kyle18uk

    Gti 16v brake differences?

    Ok so need some help, I got some 2.0 16v front hubs and calipers for my car, I've come to order braided hoses and there fine, got some pads then came to order some drilled and grooved fronts and apparently there's two choices? I can't get hold of the reg number or anything that there from so...
  13. predo

    Differences between S and D on DSG box

    I don't drive it that often in S and it still manages to surprise and scare me.... yesterday I was overtaking, shifted to S and floored it. I was just genuinely surprised how quickly it kept on accelerating and holding to the gear... so my question is, is there a good, comprehensive list of...
  14. lynchy

    sport and cupra differences?

    hello i was just wondering what the main differences between the cupra and the 1.8T sport models? thanks
  15. JR750

    Differences between Ibiza TDi SE and not SE?

    What are the main differences between the two? 03 plate As I understand it, the SE is 100bhp? IS that true for all SE's? Is 100bhp sufficient for an ibiza?
  16. engine differences between LC and LCR

    as title really i was woundering what the differences were betwee the two models to make the LCR's 225bhp over the LC's 180bhp cheers John
  17. Main Differences between the FR and Cupra 20VT models?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the main differences are between the Ibiza 1.8 20VT FR and Cupra models are? I'm talking in terms of brakes, suspension, handling, turbo, clutch, gearing etc?? Also what mods would be needed to convert an FR to Cupra and vice-versa? Also are there any owners who...
  18. performance differences, cordy v ibiza 2.0 16v

    as above really, looking for a 2.0 16v ibiza gti but theres a nice cordy 2.0 16v, will these be much slower? bit more heavy? cheers
  19. Aerial differences?

    I know this may sound a stupid question as so many people replace them anyway, but are there any differences between the anti-theft SEAT arials and the pretty much identical VAG aerials (non anti-theft)? I should have an anti-theft one on my TDI but it looks like i may have a cheap generic...
  20. BHP Addict

    Vacuum Gauge and Boost Gauge differences?

    Before you all suggest :search: I am on my phone and it shows 1 of 112 pages with the search link somewhere around page 48 with no way of jumping pages lol I need to know the difference between a Boost Gauge (PSI) and a Vacuum gauge (cmHg)? What does the Vac gauge connect to and would...
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