1. Sharky_82


    Just a quick thing...does everyone else have the manual leaver on the side of the drivers seat to raise it up and down. Reason i asked as saw another beefa and it did not have a separate display showing the handbrake light. So just thinking what differences there are. Mine is a 2000 (x) reg...
  2. justlivyalife

    Differences Between FR & Sport

    Hi there. Looking at getting an Ibiza TDi at the moment. Was initially looking for the FR, but can't get insurance - so now looking for the Sport. What are the main differences between the two? I realise that the Sport looks more like the FR since it's April Facelift? What were...
  3. Differences between wax, sealants and glazes

    whats the Differences between wax, sealants and glazes? And in which situation would you use each?
  4. engine differences

    hello i'm harvey. at the moment i'm driven a ibiza cupra r, but i would like to get it up to 225bhp without chip in it. Does anyone know what the differences are between the ibiza cupra r 180Bhp engine and the leon cupra r 225 bhp. :confused: i'm quessing maybe a bigger turbo and different ECU.
  5. nick s

    engine differences in cupras?

    i hear that the design of the engines changed between the different years? are the pipes routed differently on the early ones, i.e X and Y reg's? i'm going to look at an X reg at the weekend and don't want to buy one that's not as good, quick, reliable etc. anything to worry about? thanks
  6. bentaw

    Differences between 25mm and 28mm ARB on a LCR

    What sort of differences do you get between the 2 sizes and is one better than the other or do they both have there plus points
  7. cupra & cupra-r differences??

    Hi to my understanding there is a 24bhp difference as standard between the two models??? Does anyone know what causes the difference?does the cupra-r simply run more boost?? Thanks and the reason i ask is because im picking up my new car later this week and interested to know the...
  8. Differences between....

    Now i know the difference between a the 210 and 225 or LCR gets asked alot... But, im thinking about getting a 2001 Leon Cupra... Could you please list the differences between this, and say, a 05 plate Curpra R. Thanks
  9. j.a.kelly

    Headlight Differences?

    are there differences between the TDI sport headlight (2003) and the Cupra headlights?! Im looking at getting a set of new headlights because i have one thats very scratched for some reason - and one that looks newish. but too look @ the front of the car they look VERY different (coz of...
  10. greenmachine

    1.4 Differences...?

    Just wondering, what are the power differences between these 1.4 Ibizas Ibiza 1.4 SXE (I know it has 100bhp but whats 0-60, 1/4 mile/etc etc) Ibiza 1.4 CLX Ibiza 1.4 CLX-S (my model, havnt a clue what the differences are but as far as im aware, it has the same interior as the GTi ibiza...
  11. PD115/130 differences?

    Looking @ a PD115 Alhambra, like to get the PD130 but.... :( However remaps of the PD115 get to circa 150bhp whereas the PD130 can be 180 odd. Can anyone tell me what the differences are between the PD115 and PD130 lumps or suggest a website that might have the info? Is it larger...
  12. MY03 Leon Cupra TDI vs MY04 Cupra FR TDI differences

    Hi chaps, As you can see from my username, I drive a Mk4 Golf V6 4Motion currently. No problems with the car, it's fab, but being a V6, it *eats* unleaded fuel like it's going out of fashion. :thumbd: Plus, I'm moving house and will be having a longer commute to work (about a 70 mile...
  13. prc

    Differences between 130 & 150 tdi turbo

    I've collected some pics from a friend and decided to put them up, because alot of people have been asking... :)
  14. Cupra VVT or non-VVT, differences?

    I've read that the latter leon cupra's have VVT whereas the earlier models didn't. But I see that both engines are 180bhp regardless but I would like to know which category mine is - which is an early '02 model. Or can you tell from chasis no. etc. Are there any advantages to be gained...
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