1. seantdi

    differences between fr badges

    hey guys i recently got a leon fr+ tdi =. the fr bages on the side are red but i have seen some on ebay that are black and red so im just wondering is there a difference between them or do they mean anything different eg petrol/diesel??? sorry if this is a stupid question :whistle:
  2. Whats the engine differences

    Just bought a 180 bhp toledo and want to up the power. Want to de-cat it but hear that this brings the engine light on. Want to know what the turbo and injector differnces are before i get a re-map done.
  3. Differences between T Sport & T Cupra?

    Could some one explain to me the main differences between the 1.8T 20V Sport and the 1.8T 20V Cupra, i have been looking at prices and they seem to be very very similar but the Sport has leather whereas the Cupra does not i thought it would be the other way around?
  4. TllEWL

    ABS... and the differences

    Was the Arosa available without ABS ? My sister has a Lupo, without ABS the garage reckon. She needs a rear beam after a collision on a roundabout and the garage have had two 2nd hand axles in which they reckon were off a Polo cos they "didn't fit" :confused: I've rung round this morning...
  5. nils 6l

    Differences between the 2.0tfsi engines BWA, BWJ and BHZ

    I want to know all differences between the 2.0tfsi engines. A lot of people think the BWJ (230/240hp) and BHZ (265hp) are the same, but actually there are some differences. I came up with the following different items in ETKA: BWA (200pk) BWJ (240pk) BHZ...
  6. digby130?

    exhaust differences?

    hey guys, im looking for a new exhaust for my 05 ibi 130FR (1.9tdi) but my main problem is that i dont know the differences between the types! from a quick search milltek are the best :) if i someone could give us a hand with these questions/parts i would appreciate it!: non-resonated...
  7. Cupra/FR Differences

    Hey guys, kinda fancy a Leon 1.8 20V Turbo as my next car if I can afford to buy/insure 1 round about 04/54 plate. Anyway, my question is this: In my work a couple of the mechanics own Leons, 1 has a 54plate Leon 1.8 20V T Cupra, the other a 54plate Leon 1.8 20V T FR Just wondered what the...
  8. Ibiza 85bhp vs 100bhp differences?

    Hi would like to know is there a real difference in power from the 85bhp to the 100bhp 1.4 16v? .. I know there there are disk brakes added at the back however i wouldnt really assume there there would be much difference in power since there is only 15bhp? and how is this achieved what is the...
  9. jonjay

    Airbox differences

    Hello! I am currently looking for a 150PD airbox but as a lot of us derv people dont really do CAI installs they are hard to come by. I was wondering is the 1.8T and the Cupra R airboxes the same size. I have been told that the MAF plug size is different but you can get a converter to correct...
  10. craig87

    differences between 2.0 8v gti and gti cuprasport

    Two quick questions what are the fundamental differences between the two cars?? And do they have the same engine, gearbox, exhaust etc etc???
  11. Stan 24v

    Suspension differences - LC/LCR

    Hi all Still trying to find out as much as I can about Leons before I pick up my LC. Ive heard that the LC is Golf derived suspension, and the LCR is S3 derived, is this true? Any other differences ie ARB, Wishbones, steering rack etc Cheers Stan
  12. phpgear

    Ibiza PD130 vs PD150 differences?

    Does anybody know or have a link to the differences between the Ibiza FR PD130 and the Ibiza Cupra TDI PD150? (i have tried searching but not much luck) Is it just a bigger turbo and a FMIC? cheers.
  13. Diesel differences?

    Does anyone think the diesel from different garages differs? I filled up at Shell last week and my baby seamed to run alot better? Maybe its me but I will continue with Shell.........also cos it tends to be cheaper!!
  14. Differences between 1.4TDi air intake and a Cupra intake

    i've ordered a Cupra airbox and intake from my main stealer to fit to my 1.4TDi.... now i've looked for a green cotton filter n got one ordered but i'm still waiting on my airbox! What are the main differences between the Cupra intake and the one already fitted to my car???? I know there...
  15. Differences between 1.9 PDs and newer 2.0 engines

    A long way off yet, but I'm starting to plant the seeds in my mind of what car to get after the Passat. Was wondering what are the differences between the 1.9 PDs and 2.0 units, specifically: 1) Do they use the same clutch (ie do the 2.0 clutches have the same kind of torque limits as...
  16. Differences between models?!

    Hi, I'm after a Seat Leon Tdi but there seem to be so many iterations, can anyone help me understand what is what. I'm after the PD130 or PD150 engine if that helps. I've seen SE's and Sports both with the same engine I think?! Also the FR's and Cupras, again, same engine? What are...
  17. Mitchy

    2.0 TFSI Engine Differences?

    Does the new leon come in 3 engine specs of the 2.0t engine? 182/197/237? Anyone know what the differences are? I take it the 182/197 cars have smaller turbos? Also i notice there are 2 other versions... The 230bhp version used in the new golf and the 262bhp version used in the Audi S3...
  18. FR vs CUPRA detailing differences

    Tin hat on here but I'm afraid I think the styling of the Cupra is weak. I've compared photo's of the Cupra and FR and the differences are minor at most. They appear to have the same basic front/rear bumpers design, which I think is very very poor indeed. So differences appear to be the...
  19. Feel

    Guide to LCR 210/225 differences

    210/225 Differences Exterior/Interior/Visual Differences: Most Customer Cupra R's were a '52 plate althought the odd ex-press car / demo maybe an '02 plate. All these cars had square mirrors (off a MkIV Golf) the later 210’s (from early May ’03 on) had teardrop mirrors. All 210's had...
  20. Specs and differences

    I have bought a 2001 Leon Cupra, I was under the impression that only the Cupra R had a 6speed box, what are the other differences aside from the power.:blink:
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