Major differences going from a Mk3 Ibiza Cupra to a LCR?


The "Red Baron"
Feb 24, 2008
South London
As above, been toying with the idea of selling my mk3 Ibiza Cupra and moving on to a LCR. Has anyone made this step? If so what differences in performance, handling, mpg, reliability, tuning potential, runnings costs, that general sort of thing, did you notice from a mk3 ibiza cupra?

I know DannyLad as made the jump and seems to be enjoying it. Anyone else has an experiences?

I'll drag this back from last week :D I had my mk3 Cupra about a year before getting the LCR.

The Mk3 was remapped running 200bhp/220lbft with a star custom map (peaked at 16psi but held through the range) quite smooth compared to REVO etc.

Now driving a standard, low milage LCR, on first impressions it seems a lot slower!! but then you look down at the speedo and you're actually going quite fast! I think it's the whole "big car" feeling. It's a lot smoother and quieter although the suspension is pretty firm for OEM! I like the car a lot, and will see how it feels once remapped! Although I'm thinking of going straight for stage2?
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