ERWIN for Cupra models


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Dec 28, 2020
Madrid (SPAIN)
Hi all

Don't know if is an appropriate forum for this question (bear on me if not).

Wondering if Cupra models have their own ERWIN site or use the SEAT one. Anyone has tried to get some technical docs about the cupra branded models?



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You will have to splash out and see what's there. Last week or so there was no technical workshop material on the Leon 4. I sent someone there but nothing. Build decodes were there from the Vin on Leon 4s. For the overlap Cupra models you would get some materiel but not for the specific Cupra stuff may be ?. Suspect they wouldn't have split out the brand but could be wrong. I'm not a Cupra owner but Seat owner :). Documentation could be thin on Cupra's. Begs the question of where Formentor stuff gets placed.

Wonder if you put a Cupra VIN in you get the build codes... if not then clearly they don't cover Cupra's by design.
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