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It’s been a bumper few weeks so lots to share with you for February.

News you may have missed

ABT ramps the CUPRA Formentor up to 370HP, lowers it by 35mm and blings the wheels0-60 time is reduced to 4.6 seconds from 4.9 seconds

CUPRA boss confirms the 2.5L 400HP CUPRA Formentor is coming in 2021Don’t expect any right-hand-drive UK models though.

2021 SEAT Leon e-HYBRID FR 204PS DSG review

Following on from last month’s review of the MK4 Leon Estate FR 1.5 eTSI 150PS DSG we’ve had the more powerful e-Hybrid in which Jimbobcook has been testing.

As usual we go super in depth for the review aiming to...

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