First attempt with Chipex


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Jul 1, 2020
Salisbury, Wiltshire
Yesterday I had my first go at using Chipex to fix some damage I'd caused to my driver's door by not paying attention and parking a bit too close to my house and not catching the door as it opened! :mad:

Generally with previous cars I've just left stone chips as they are rather than trying to use a touch up brush to fix them, because every time I've tried I've just made it look worse! Even if they had got down to the metal, I'd just make sure there was a decent amount of wax on it to try and prevent any rust.

But with the Leon, I want to keep this looking lovely, or as lovely as I can keep it, so thought I'd give it a go.....

Please don't be too judgy, this was my first attempt and I'm sure I can do a better job with a bit of practice :roflmao:

Initial thoughts on the kit is that it's very easy to use and the colour match is very good I think.

Contents of the kit:-

  • Paint - Chipex guarantee this will be a match or they'll send you out some more paint
  • Blending solution - to remove any extra paint from around the chip after touching up
  • Polish - to polish the treated area after blending
  • Paint applicators - little dabbers rather than a brush
  • "silk" cloth - to put the blending solution onto the car
  • foam block - to wrap the silk cloth round to rub the repair with
  • microfibre cloth for the polish
  • gloves

This was before anything was done and I used the blending solution to clean the area of the chip:-

Then after the paint was added:-

Then after a wipe with the blending solution. Initially I think I used too much blending fluid because it looked like I'd taken some of the paint out of the chip, so I added a bit more paint then blended again after waiting for it to dry (which only takes around 5 mins)

Then you use the supplied polish to go over the repair, and buff off etc.

Admittedly on the edge of the door it's far from perfect, but again that's probabyl something I could improve on with a bit of practice?

But this will be how most people will see it - and I don't think anyone will actually notice it to be fair.

I'll know it's there of course, but it's a big improvement on what it started as and the metal is protected again, which I guess is the main thing.

There are a few more chips on the lower part of the car that I am going to practice on before I attempt anything that is more at eye level (like a chip I have on a rear door and on the tail gate).
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