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Gearbox was stuck on D5 when it was supposed to be on D7 thoughts?

Mohamed emarah

Active Member
Mar 27, 2019
I was on the highway and I was going 130 km/h normally I would be on D7 from 90 km/h upwards but for some weird reason the car wasn't changing gears and the rpm kept going up until it eventually changed after a good 30 seconds or a minute. I wasn't on sports mode too any thoughts?


Active Member
Jan 7, 2016
Is it a diesel? Or a new gpf petrol engine? I know in my old diesel when the DPF was regenerating the car would ask for me to be in a lower gear to help raise the temperatures to clear it out.

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Active Member
Jan 22, 2019
As above, may have been doing a 'burn cycle' or you may have caught it out. My new Cupra has hanged onto a gear for too long once early morning but a lift off of the pedal sorted it out. Its a computer at the end of the day, they still make mistakes and have thinking moments!

Do you have shift levers? maybe you knocked one by accident? Again done that before when enthusiastically driving and wondered why the gear wasn't changing.

Unless its constantly doing it, i wouldn't presume there is an issue, maybe next time shift it up manually and see if it carries on happy in that gear?
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