Headlight beam adjustment


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Aug 9, 2017
Winter's here and I suddenly realise the low beam headlamps seem to lack forward light penetration ... the high beam are of course better, from past experience with other cars the beam aim needs to be adjusted slightly..

So how to do this with the LED headlights? Usually it's just a simple screwdriver type adjustment however with the Toledo I not sure where to do this. (Perhaps the Leon would have same settings?)



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Jun 26, 2014
Mine are giving concern too, for the first time. I cant remember the LED lamps on this being anything but excellent, but at 2 years old they just don't seem as bright as before. SWMBO reckons the dips are worse on the Toledo than her Ibiza V which has standard halogens. Have you asked in the Leon section - they've had Full LED a few years longer (and sold many more) so may have already seen these possible issues.
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