How can my door still be holding water


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Nov 2, 2009
Hi Guys,

I re sealed my doors last weekend undid the door panel then the ancillary panel and scraped all the old rubber out and put some new high grade, outdoor sealant. I've been working away in the big smoke all week and arrived home yesterday.

When i opened my door there was a waterfall of water that got trapped between the door and the sill on the drivers side. I sealed all my doors at the same time but for some reason the water still appears. I have tested the door by removing the door car and pouring a few watering cans of water down the outside and no water appeared and it all flowed out of the bottom. Could this be a simple case of the drainage holes are blocked up.

Any help appriciated as its starting to get me down now.


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Mar 11, 2010
i noticed the same thing on my car yesterday. does it cause a problem with it being on the outter door sill? I checked inside the car and carpets and they were all dry.


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Oct 30, 2007
I was having the same problem where water was not draining away.

I made small triangular cuts in the rubber seal below the drain holes and this seamed to have fixed it


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Aug 6, 2004
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Shouldn't need to be. If they're cleaned out properly (Q-tips or similar) Then they'll work as designed.
With my door closed these door seals seal up the drainage holes holding the water inplace till I open the door, when the seals clear these holes the water drains out
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