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How to - Change Brake Light Switch


Active Member
Oct 31, 2017
Awesome guide. I used this to replace the switch but still have no brake lights and still have the flashing glow plug light

I have changed the bulbs and checked the fuse

The LED strip brake light is lit all the time yet is much brighter when the brake pedal is pressed

Any ideas? I don't know what to try next


Problem now solved!! Turns out the bulb holder had shorted. So if anyone else has this problem inspect the bulb holders :)
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Active Member
Oct 18, 2017
South Wales
Great guide and loved the pictures. :D Made the whole job of finding the screw positions and removing the lower panel a breeze. It made it a lot easier than it looked. Had a problem with the brake lights not coming on until I pressed the pedal quite a bit. But after removing and re-seating the brake light switch, they come on sooner, perfect. No new switch needed this time :)
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