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how to tell if its 8v or 16v


Trying to Resist ARBs
May 31, 2006
16V, i regularly see 35mpg without coasting or avoiding the brakes. Interstingly insurance wise it sometimes makes a big difference when using online quotation forms if you enter, Cupra, cupra sport, Gti or GTi sport, sometimes all listed under 2.0L 16V. it can mean the difference of a few hundred quid??? God knows why, but use the back button a lot and find the best combination! i found the 16V really cheap to insure, but make sure it has a cat 2 immobiliser as 95% of insurers require PROOF it has one, usually in the fom of a fitting certificate.

I was with priviledge and they forced me to get one fitted, having fitted it they said i neednt bother as it has one as standard, but i had already gone out and fitted one, so they agreed to pay! now my beeza has 2 immobilisers and an alarm and a steering wheel lock - nick that you deserve it! - tempting fate??


Tarmac Tantaliser
Jan 15, 2007
Rugby, Midlands
Parkers state that the insurance group on my gti 16v cupra sport is 10 :D

i tend to average at 28mpg but the right foot of antioc can drop that to 15 and below if i try hard enough :)
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iv found the number plate [email protected] said he could look up which engine it has by the number plate but i dont know how to get in contact with him

also i know what the 16v engine looks like from an erlier post could somone stick a pic up of the 8v engine


Mellow Yello

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Jun 13, 2008
8v or 16v

Right i have a bit of a problem , i bought myself an 8v cupra sport the other day , but when i got insured on it , it comes up as a 16v , so i begun doing some investigative work checking engine and chassis codes with the dealer who sold the car when new and checked the spare wheel well and it is a genuine 8v cupra sport , anyone got any ideas as to why it mihgt be poping up as a 16v as it has 8v on my v5 , also any ideas on hwo to rectify the problem ?

thanks in advance cole


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May 21, 2009
im looking to get a ibiza cupra sport 2.0 its T reg and thats all i know how can you tell if its a 16v or a 8v and what are the 0-60 times on both and what are the insurance groups as you can tell im a newbee but just trying to find out more befor i buy one

2.0 16v
Ins group 14
0 - 60 = 7.5 (approx)

white multi spoke wheels means its a cupra

fat mexican

there will be a size difference in the engine lol i no this coz i have an 8valve and a 16valve lol


thanks, friend of mine has one nd that,s cleared up the argument

Seat Ibiza manc

the spoiler should help 16v have spoilers 8V dont also put reg in part website it should give you all the details and its free info :D


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Jan 1, 2009
As Andy says.
The 8V spoiler is smooth, 16v has like a "flick" on it.

Also 8v = 140mph speedo
16v = 150mph speedo

GAP Insurance - cover the difference for peace of mind