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how to tell if its 8v or 16v


the 8v will give a half decent mpg assuming u dont boot it all the time and let it warm up properly etc :)


leon mk1 fr tdi
Nov 26, 2004
lincoln, uk
unfortunatley as much as i love the mk2, my next car is going to be a mk4 ibiza

the pull of a tdi 130 on insurance group 8, giving 50+mpg and 0-60 in 9 sec is too strong


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Apr 14, 2005
and the 16v is group 12
Not too sure about that. I know that some places advertise the GTI 16v being a 10. And the Cupra/ cupra gti being a 14. Maybe the 1.8 16v's were a IG 12. But once again, its a Pedro special lucky dip as to what Ibiza is what and the insurance group it is :lol:


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Mar 6, 2005
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ah well,. I have a Mk2 'Cupra Sport GTi' (8v) and it costs me a smidge over £300 quid fully comp to insure, even with the missus ( see siggy for miss Daisy) on.. and seems Ive been booting up and down from Brum to Shrewsbury a lot lately Ive been avearaging abot 28 mpg.... (but its worth it for the grin factor ) :)


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Jun 9, 2004
when using my 16v to work and back (70miles round trip) i average at 35 - 38 mpg using the 2nd trip thing and calculating it over a full tank!! (therefore several days) however as said above it can also get pretty low at the weekends!! lol


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Jan 17, 2002
im looking to get a ibiza cupra sport 2.0 its T reg and thats all i know how can you tell if its a 16v or a 8v and what are the 0-60 times on both and what are the insurance groups as you can tell im a newbee but just trying to find out more befor i buy one

If you were interseted in the acceleration differences, there's a vid of my 8v vs a mates 16v at Santa Pod located in the Video section of the forum. Gives you a bit of a comparison up to 85mph ish
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