1. BrettBlade

    Remap on a 1.4 16v 75bhp Mk4

    Anyone ever bothered with this? Revo figures show an expected 5bhp gain for £199, worth the hassle?
  2. *RARE* Mk2 16v For Sale

    Has anyone seen the Mk2 Ibiza 16v on PH that's for sale for £4950..... :lol: Apparently it's got 91k on the clock, but is worth the £5k, because it's *RARE* I would only pay £1500 for it to be honest !
  3. Need new ecu for mk2 16v cupra gti sport

    Well after 6 weeks of messing took to a garage car engine inbits machine plugged in and ecu says it's running at 4000rpm need help what ecu I'm looking for will a mk3 golf one fit or even a vr6 one please help
  4. help needed with my copper colour 16v ibiza an what wheels to buy

    need help with what wheels i should get for my r-reg 16v ibiza, its got a 20v turbo engine fitted to the car just need some nice wheels to finsh it off, its got the standard 16'' mutispoke ronal wheels fitted just need something to stick out of the arches a bit more, so anyone one got any...
  5. abf 16v gaskets

    got abit of a problem av just had a inlet manifold and rockercover powder coated an there all ready to go on just need to get the gaskets but everywhere a go they only sell kits am only after the tb and inlet gaskets. anyone help me on this one cheers
  6. Looking at a 16v =]

    just trying to find out the common problems and what to look for when I go see it! I've had polo/lupo before and it seems to be exactly the same problems pedal box ALL electricals lol is gearbox ever stiff? crunch? I'm guessing so as the pedal box but I know the VWs have awful gearboxs that...
  7. Argh mk2 16v issues

    Hi All, I've got a mk2 16v with starting cutting out issues. I think the original issue of cutting out is due to the laser line alarms imoboliser kicking in so i've stopped using the laser line fob and just using the factory fob. All went well the first day i tried it but then today i went...
  8. Musty Pie

    8v or 16v - I think I have been had

    Need some help quick please i think ive been had. Let me explain things as best as i can with my little car knowledge that i have. I have just put a deposit down on a cupra sport 2 litlre what i belived to be a 16v. (as it was advertised) However after looking under the bonnet (and not...
  9. What's a 2.0 16v like to live with?

    Hi I'm thinking about getting a seat cupra gti 2.0 16v and I'm wondering what is the car like to live with? I've read about the normal problems(pedal box and clutch) the car I'm thinking about has had those already fixed by previous owner. Also is this a good price for the car it's going for...
  10. new member with a 2.0 16v cupra

    hi guys! i have a 98 ibiza 2.0 16v cupra (ABF engine) and i want to know if the supersprint manifold (886901) from a Golf gti 16v with the same engine are compatible with my ibiza! my car
  11. GTI 16v badge

    Hi is anyone selling a Front Gti16v badge that goes on the grill of a mk2? let me know cheers!
  12. Dolly_Gti

    my latest mk2 ibiza 16v

    Well ive had 2 before: And then this bargin came up and couldnt resist after 2 months of driving a mondeo :ban: Needs some work and some MOT. wouldnt idle on its own, turned out to be a blocked ISV, cleaned it and now it runs like a dream. Its got brembo discs and red stuff...
  13. cupra 16v gear cable linkage advice

    hey there, just purchased a ibiza cupra 16v for good money only problem is one of the gear linkage cables have gone (cant select gears). Now im pretty fortunate that i work in a vw/audi breakers but without inspecting myself yet due to having no time to strip it down, i was wondering if a gear...
  14. will 2.0 16v cat fit on 8v?

    i believe ive bought a 16v cat off ebay intead of an 8v despite asking the seller twice if it was an 8v and engine code AGG. :wtf: i noticed it was wrong when the diameter of the pipe to the center pipe was exactly the same diameter as the center pipe ends. im thinking if i get a slightly...
  15. RichardMurkin

    16v manifolds

    i have an awful feeling that my manifold is blowin, either that or where the downpipe is, just out of curiosity where can i get a new manifold from and what are the range of prices? cheers rich
  16. RichardMurkin

    2.0l 16v tuning

    after my respray in the spring im wanting to get some extra bhp, How much will i gain from chippin and remappin and what sort of price will i be looking at? ur words of wisdom will be much appreciated as always. cheers
  17. prawn

    1.6 16v dodgy starting-immob issue?

    Guys, I'm trying to do a bit of fault finding for a friend at work, the car in question is a 51 plate 1.6 16v leon. The issue is that it's having massive trouble starting regularly, when you turn the key, it'll start instantly, but run for about half a second before cutting out again. sometimes...
  18. fitting 2.0 16v rear discs

    any one got a how to on fitting rear pads and discs on a 2.0 16v 1998 asap cheers:think:
  19. envycordoba

    2.0l 16v engine conversion to 18t can you help

    hi does any1 have any info/build threads to put a 1.8t 20v into my 16v what will i need etc?
  20. Lodgey180

    1.6 16v oil light

    I have changed the oil pressure switch on it and still it the oil light keeps coming on. no rattles from hydrolic lifters and the oil level is fine. had a oil change also its been happening since i got a new altenator fitted just before this started any ideas ?
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