How to use seats memory on Seat Toledo 1M


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Jul 8, 2011
Hello again fans.
I'm stuck with setting up the 1,2,3 memory positions on my Toledo 1M.

I bough car with black leather memory seats. I'm not shure if they are from this car!
I have el. mirirs with memory for reverse gear, and as far as i know this memory miror is available only in package with memory seat.
Everything else is working fine. In VagCom i can open and check seat memory module. If OFF button on the seat is pressed , in VagCom shows "Emergency OFF activated" so module is working.

But on the question: How to set the memory position for 1,2 and 3 ?
I've been searching a lot, but with word "seat" in searching it was unsuccessful to find any proper answers and tips.

So, please tell me how to do this?
And is it working with 1,2,3 keys also? As it is shown in [Nitroverf] videos, if you unlock with key 1- seat moves in position 1. If you unlock with key 3, moves to position 3?
Sep 5, 2019
Sorry to bump an old thread

Currently doing the memory seat retrofit into a V6 4-mo Bora

Haven’t tried the seats connected up to the car as yet but out of the car the memory buttons seem to move the seat back all the way back and all buttons move the base about a bit

I’ve done some research and it seems the positions are actually saved in the CCM, can anybody confirm this and if so the part number of the required CCM ?

Cheers. Sam
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