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A very coincidentally close relation to the Super Six cars: P976 OVV, currently on eBay.

Spotted it previously on

Used and seemingly still belongs to Francine Duncan (nee Bogg) former winner of the Radio Times Rally Quest competition from ~ 1990 (when randoms could just enter a competition and do a couple of events and drive the RAC Rally, fully paid for).

Must be a Custom Cages cage in there, up to the front turrents, but otherwise Group N-looking spec car. Proper lamp pod points to right bits being bought, and may have a Gemini plate diff / lowered FD (as per Super Six), but there's little info in the ad.

No works history as such, but the car has to have come from Cupra Sport / Seat direct...

Nice curiosity.
Sorry to drag this post up from the past but would just like to explain the reason why the above car was VERY closely related to the super six cars , I for my sins helped David and Francine Duncan to finish this and helped with the spannering of it on several events , this was due to the fact that I met David through working for Jim Russell Racing Drivers School and then he married Frankie ....... and I was introduced to Frankies sister and got married to her ...... now divorced !!!!

Anyway I digress David and Frankie ran a skid control company called Ecosse Driving , and as part of the track days that Seat used to run they did a deal to put a Cordoba on one such frame , and as part payment Gary Savage supplied them with the above Ibiza that was completely stripped and went to Custom Cages as stated to have the correct cage fitted , it then had as many parts fitted that they could afford before being debuted at the Tour of Mull , where it did ok , apart from jumping a bridge and landing VERY hard where it managed to snap off one of the damper remote reservoir pipes which meant it handled like a broken trolley jack , and the when Frankie came into service she promptly tried parking it in the back of the service truck with me between the two !!!

We had to revert back to std front struts , but at least she finished :)

I do not know if they still have this , as you might understand we dont talk due to being the ex husband of Frankies sister ;)

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Apr 2, 2003
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Completes the story nicely!

If Gary Savage had it, that explains the Milton Keynes plate, and probably some build guidance too? No doubt the dregs of a fleet of supplied cars .

The car was sold after a nil bid eBay auction. One of the guys on clubgti.com went after it, but it had already gone, no idea where.

Some pics from the eBay auction, no doubt the the garage location will be spooky! Original body colour?



Yes it was the original body colour , the garage must be part of the unit they have for their new business , The large Pirelli presence was due to the connection between Martin Pallot who still works for Pirelli and David and Frankie , in fact he is the one of the god parents to one of their children ;)

Frankie and Barbara Armstrong were friends so advice from all areas :)


Seat Ibiza Super 6 kitcar

Hallo ibiza fans..

Just wantet to show you guys my Super 6, there are make to a kitcar.

It is the Super 6 P950 OVV.

I buy the car from a guy in irland, and the car was in bad condition, so get get a full rebuild in winter 2009/2010, and the body was make to a kitcar winter 2010/2011.

It has 221hp, SQS 6 speed dogbox, proflex 3 ways, AP brakes, and more..

The car is in Danmark now.

Want to show photos, but the seatcupra system will not let me do it, WHY?


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Nov 30, 2001
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I think its because you only have a couple of posts - mods, can this chap be given permission to post pics as I'd like to see his car



Just to let you know i bought that super 6 P950 OVV back in 2006 and then sold it to a friend of mine
and i rally a super 6 car P982 OVV.

Can you organise that i can post photos.



Okay nice, will love to see photos..

The car was in very bad conditions when I got it. The gearbox was ****t and the motor was ****t, so much I have to buy i new std. motor and make a new race motor off it. And the gearbox was allso so ****t that I have to buy a new one from SQS. There was no parts in that gearbox i could use to make a new one

And the body needet a lot of work. it was a bad buy for me, but the car is super again now. but have cost my a lot of money

How many HP did the has in 2006?


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May 19, 2001
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Just to let you know i bought that super 6 P950 OVV back in 2006 and then sold it to a friend of mine
and i rally a super 6 car P982 OVV.

Can you organise that i can post photos.

You can post up too now
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