Leon Cupra OEM/Genuine Codes


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May 19, 2016
Cluj-Napoca, RO
Hello everyone, as my manual 2016 Cupra 290 is approaching the 4th year of ownership, I'm starting to look into the OEM part codes as I want to maintain it exclusively with genuine components. I don't want to sell this car and am looking to keeping it as long as it runs. If anyone is able to provide a link where I can find all the codes, It'd much appreciated.

So far only these have been of interest:

Genuine VW Longlife III oil 504/507 5l - code G052195M4
Genuine VW Longlife III oil 504/507 1l - code G052195M2
Genuine VW oil filter - code 06L115562B
Genuine Haldex oil 1l - code G060175A2
Genuine Haldex plug (2 pieces required) - code WHT007168
Genuine VW air filter - code 5Q0129620B
Genuine VW interior air filter- code 5Q0819669
Genuine Bosch spark plugs - code 06K905611C
Genuine Cupra 290 rotors - code 1K0615301AD
Genuine Cupra 290 pads - code 8V0698151C

Looking especially for:
- manual transmission gearbox oil code which is either G052171A2, G052512A2, G060726A2 but don't know the difference between them.

Also, does anybody here have a servicing interval paper or maintenance sheet for Cupras?
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