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Leon glovebox cd-changer



I would like to replace my standard cd-changer with one that will play mp's (2004 Tdi150 cupra).

I also have the factory fit sat-nav in case that makes any difference, does anyone have any suggestions as to what would fit into my glovebox.

Thanks Nick

Lee M

Hi mate,

I dont think you will find an aftermarket multi changer compatible with the standard system or visa versa.

Your best bet is to get something like a dension unit that allows you to connect ipod or USB player directly to your head unit, or alternatively buy a phatnoise system that allows you to replace the head unit with a 20GB hard drive.




You should be able to to get an interface that will allow you to plug in an aftermarket to your factory fitted head unit, the 2 brands of changer i know of that will work are sony and kenwood, The company that make the interfaces is called connects 2, try this website


It does depend on the model of your factory stereo

Hope this helps
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Thanks for all the suggestions, I think I will probably go down the route of an mp3 autochanger to replace the standard changer


hi sorry to but in! ive got a 05 fr and im sure the dealer ship have taken the changer out cus i viewed it a couple of months ago and sure there was 1 in plus the cover inside the gloovebox isnt on properly ! are they dear to buy and easy to fit ! my head unit also has a button saying changer6 .. ta mat


Full Member
Feb 2, 2006
I have a 05 fr+ and i put a sony cdx-T70mx its an explode 6 changer to make it compatable i purchased the connects 2 interface its code is ASTS003MK2 it cost me £50 a year last january. not sure what the sat nav does shouldnt expect it will be a problem. A flexible arm is needed and the release keys to remove the head unit but its quiet easy to fit. pm me when u decide to do it and ill lend a hand in guiding you!:D


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Aug 31, 2007
West Midlands
i have a similar issue....

ive recently purchased my LCR and it came with a sony headunit which i dont like, ideally i wanted a standard one but have decided to put my pionner bluetooth unit in. but obviously the 6 disc changer wont work with it so i was looking into getting a pioneer changer.

has anyone fitted an aftermarket changer, and do they fit ok etc etc?

sorry for the mini hijack, just seemed a little silly starting a new thread when this one is so new.


Will be fitting my Alpine 6 disc changer as soon as I get myy cupra tdi along with my Alpine head unit so will let you know. Was thinking about relocating it to under the seat tho to free up the golve box.


:confused:oh rite one more thing when i put a new head unit in can u get the side facia plates in the silver what go's round the climate control i u know wat i mean
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