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  1. Glovebox light not work

    Hi all, i have Seat Leon 5f1, glove box light not work, try to change bulb but without success, i do not have multi meter to check about power to the bulb, try to find is there any fuse but not clearly explained , somewhere i see that it is same fuse for cigarette lighter (12V socket) but i...
  2. Lozzy15

    GPS and satnav How To Remove The Glovebox & Media Unit

    Hi guys & gals, Nice and simple how to for you today. I will be showing you how to remove the glovebox, which also involves removing the nav/media unit to do so, so I'll show you how to do that too. This is realtively easy to do and shouldn't take long. Removing the glovebox gives better access...
  3. chris2401

    Carbon fibre look cenre console n glovebox handle? Where can I get one?

    Hi Guys. I have seen this LCR for sale and and it's got a Carbon 3MDOC centre console and glovebox handle. I really like the look of it, but can't seem to find where you would purchase one from? I just wondered if anyone else had this in their LCR or if they know where would sell them...
  4. Glovebox lock/ clip fallen off - Pics of the location of the clip please :)

    After going over a v bumpy road my glovebox will not shut. The problem is the plastic clip that the glovebox door connects to has fallen off. However I can't figure out how to screw it back on. Please can someone be as kind to send me pics of where it goes and describe how it is screwed...
  5. Glovebox handle stuck

    The handle on the glovebox doesn't move - it is as if it is locked but I know its definately locked. I have been able to open the glovebox by just pulling it really hard (my debit card was in there!!!!) Anyone got anything I can do to fix it? Thanks
  6. Cupranation

    Glovebox Lamp

    I know this is a very trivial post, but I just realised that there is no light in the glovebox! There is a hole in the top where it should go but no sign of the lamp/bulb holder itself. :shrug: Have I been robbed at some point or are they all like this? :blink:
  7. halftone

    Glovebox Hinge broke ?

    I have tried searching but cant seem to find an answer. My glovebox hinge (right) seems to have broke, it will hold in place, but if you dont gently open it, the door comes loose. Is this a common problem ? Easy fix ? Or back to dealers ? Should it be covered under warranty ? Cheers...
  8. CupraElliott

    Glovebox help

    The mrs' glovebox is broke, the hinge is hanging down on one side, can anyone, from these pictures tell me how to sort it (she's nagging me to fix it [:@]) She's adamant the car was broken into and they did this (no damage and all they took was some sunglasses, she left the car unlocked, but...
  9. 1 Glovebox :o

    Has the Ibiza GTI only got one glove box - the one on the drivers side. Im stuck with places too put my cds and bits and bobs etc :( Thanks Chris
  10. Leon glovebox - same fit for all?

    On my new Cupra, they've removed the 6 disc changer from the glovebox so now i have a big hole!:( Im dont need a 6 disc changer, so would a glovebox from a lower spec model be a straight swap? Only thing is it has the on/off for the passenger airbag?
  11. LMJ

    What's that unplugged under my Glovebox?...

    Dramatic title I know... but for anyone who has a 1.4 1996ish, take a look under your glovebox / fusebox. There's a brown connector block - one of the wires in this connector block are disconnected in my car :confused:... what is it? There's one rather thick cable - could be 15 - 30A maybe, and...
  12. Jedimaster65

    HELP ! Anyone had glovebox out ?

    Hi guys, I am trying to find a rattle, and want to take the glovebox out - so need to know what the correct procedure is, especially given it's proximity to the airbag...advice and pics would be a big help, thanks. :)
  13. Bedlam

    Glovebox Light Leon Mk II....Anyone fitted one

    Moved the above from original thread as topic changed Anyone Help?
  14. heatfan8

    Glovebox help needed!

    I have just fitted a shiny new ipod headunit into my SE TDi and have removed the (aftermarket) cd changer from the glovebox. It looks like this changer has replaced an original unit. I now have a hole where the changer was. I know I can get a filler piece to convert the changer hole into...
  15. kineticz

    Need a new glovebox... would this suit?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=290111751268 Due to the lock mechanism breaking on my Leon, I am looking for a new glovebox. I came across the above. Do you think it would suit or should I just try to find a grey one? Thanks
  16. Glovebox USB dock

    Has anyone ever managed to source one of the Seat glovebox USB or Ipod installs or even got a part number.They used to be on the seat.com site but have gone now.
  17. kineticz

    Glovebox handle broke :(

    So, a small problem once again. My glovebox handle wouldn't open and broke. I've done a search and someone else a couple years ago had the same problem. Also my mate's Golf mk3 has a faulty glovebox. What is it with VAGs and fauly gloveboxes??? Anyway, what price am I looking at for a new...
  18. Glovebox Lid

    Hi guys Does anyone else have a problem with their glovebox lid alignment with the dash when closed. It sounds silly, but its almost like mine is twisted as its a neat fit on the left, but the right has a huge gap between the lid and the dashboard. Just wondered if it was a common...
  19. Aimez

    glovebox light

    Fitting this today, taken the top part of the inside of glovebox out and snapped out the plastic in the hole and put the light in fine so far. I can see where to ground it on a bare piece of metal but I can't see where the switch goes or how I attatch the remaining wire to the interior light...
  20. how does the glovebox come out?

    can anyone tell me how the glove box is removed? i realize there only seems to be a few torx screws holding it in but is there any chance i could set off the airbag when removing it.also will this give me access to the wires behind the head unit? the reason i ask is that im fitting a new head...
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