1. Glovebox ? Larger insert !

    Hi All, I may be talking from the wrong hole here but did i see on here ages ago that you can buy a glovebox liner/insert that removes the section for the CD changer giving one large area ? If so where can i get this from and how easy is it to fit ? Many thanks Mark
  2. edmong

    Glovebox help

    Hello people, in need of some help! I have searched and sent PM's but no reply as yet. Ive bought a Connects2 USB interface connector for my Ipod and am going to put everything in the glovebox. Now I know how to remove the glovebox but what I need to know from you lot is 1. how easy is...
  3. Silver hook thing in glovebox

    Hi, Does anyone know what the silver hook type thingy is on the hook on the glovebox lid? I've searched the manual but can't find out what it is Thanks Nick
  4. Leon glovebox cd-changer

    Hi, I would like to replace my standard cd-changer with one that will play mp's (2004 Tdi150 cupra). I also have the factory fit sat-nav in case that makes any difference, does anyone have any suggestions as to what would fit into my glovebox. Thanks Nick
  5. Access to centre console if glovebox removed

    Hi there, Wondered if you might be able to help me out before I do something stupid. Just fitted a new radio, but its such a tight fit that now I cant remove it using the little keys provided. I was hoping to give it a little push from behind to see if it willpush out enough for me to grab it...
  6. Installing ipod cable into glovebox (leon mk1)

    Hello there, I have finally snapped with the Aura unit (I thought sound was reasonably good, however radio could hardly keep a signal for more than 20 mins driving) and have bought a becker grand prix unit. I want to use the Ipod adapter cable and hook it up in the glovebox. Now, I know I can...
  7. Mackers

    GLoveBox Light INOP

    my glove obx light hasn't been working for the past few days, so i but a new bulb in, and no joy, can't find the fuse for it either, the boot lights ok tho (incase it's on the same curcuit) and i've checked the bulb and that works ok, but not in my glove box, any ideas???
  8. ayeaye

    Ticking sound from glovebox

    Sometimes, mainly in the mornings, and always when the ignition is at the 1st position (ie electrics on) there's a ticking noise coming from the glovebox. As it doesn't seem to happen in the evenings on the way home from work, I've assumed that it's something temperature related. It's done...
  9. Leon FR - Ticking noise from glovebox area

    Could somebody please offer some advise??? I have done a 'search' for this topic, but nothing there. I have a Leon FR 56 plate, its the TFSI - when l get in it in the morning, there is a ticking noise from the glovebox area - when the car was in for its first service l asked them to...
  10. seat leon mk1 glovebox light

    hi guys. i have removed my multi cd changer from the glovebox and will locate in the boot, need the extra space!!!!!:cry: i know i need the glovebox liner to fill gap of the cd changer but does anybody know if an interior light can be fitted where the cd changer was!!!!? i have a light in the...
  11. Glovebox Removal

    I've got an annoying buzz that comes from behind glove box area thats only there under hard throttle at about 3K RPM. I'm trying to remove the glovebox to have a good look, I've taken 2 screws out from behind the hinged part, 2 from the front on the top and 2 under the bottom, but still it will...
  12. Chris20vT

    Glovebox sleeve?

    Does anybody know if a glovebox 'sleeve' is available to fit in place of the multichanger on a 2002 Leon Cupra? I'm getting a cable for connecting my Ipod and want to remove the multichanger (as the cable uses the socket in the back of the stereo) and reclaim some glovebox space. I asked...
  13. RichLCR225

    LCR - Glovebox CD Changer slot?

    My 54 plate LCR didn't come with a CD changer when I bought it, just the standard single disc AURA headunit. The bit that has always puzzled me is that the glovebox has a kind of frame in it that looks ideal to hold a CD changer, this frame takes up a lot of space and also because the...
  14. philameena

    iPod cable into glovebox

    Thinking of adding an iPod connection into the glovebox. I've never had a CD changer, so the glovebox has that box thing fitted on the left side. Is this easy to get out? Will it be a doddle wiring the ipod through the back of the glovebox? I won't have to remove any dash will I ??
  15. Rattle from Passenger Side Dash / Glovebox - Fixed!

    This is my first time of posting on this site, although have been reading the articles for the last 2 months since I got my Leon FR TFSI. I have experienced, as described by some others, an annoying rattle from my dashboard / glovebox area (at speeds of c70mph) ever since purchasing the car...
  16. Boot Light and Glovebox Light Parts list and vague instructions...

    These bits may come in handy... Bits for the glovebox light: 3B0 947 415 B Glovebox Lamp [email protected] 1J0 947 561 C Switch [email protected] 893 971 632 Housing [email protected] 1J0 973 119 Housing [email protected] 000 979 133 Cable [email protected] 000 979 131 Cable [email protected] Bits for the...
  17. RobDon

    Glovebox lid?

    Anyone know how to remove the glovebox lid?
  18. Glovebox removal. Denison Ice Link Plus fitting

    Hi all, I have just benn bought a Denison icelink plus and would like to fit it myself as the dealer wants £75 to fit! Before I do, has anyone here removed their glovebox? WOuld they mind posting some directions. Bit wet today to be scrabbling round randomly :) Any help appreciated. Gary
  19. skem55

    glovebox problems

    i dont believe wat has just happened, just got the car back form gettin sorted for the mot and went to open the glovebox first time was fine, then did it again and the ****in handle snapped off !!!!:-o wtf its broken one of the inner plastic lugs so ive no ****in handle now really pisssed off[:@]
  20. Wardy TDi

    Rattling glovebox door?

    Anyone else have this problem? Just seems to rattle slighly when closed. Have taken to just opening the glovebox when driving! :think: Solution, anyone? Got a rattle coming from somewhere in the passenger door too. But seeing as I'm the only one that drives the car, it could take a while to...
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