1. JKing

    CD changer in glovebox

    is there anyway to fit the standard CD changer into the glovebox?? My bro has his in there on his Leon as standard.
  2. Newbie question about glovebox fitting

    Hi, Just got myself a brand New TDI 150 with cupra bodykit. I was looking at connecting up my IPOD to the head unit and have read there should be a conenction cable behind the glove box. So what I am trying to remove is the DIN shaped box on the right. I am trying to remove the...
  3. Jaytee

    Help Please - Altea Glovebox Removal!!

    Iam doing a comms, sat nav and ipod install on my Toledo and I have got a lot of the car apart I am trying to remove the complete glovebox assembly from my 2005 Toledo (same as Altea) and wonder ifanyone has done this or knows how to. I have undone all the set screws, the box is loose, but I...
  4. Glovebox mulitchanger fitting..

    Just bougt a 2nd hand 6 x cd multichanger and am going to fit it to my 05 FR. Any ideas if I have to buy an additional cable to the one attached with to the changer for it to fit my headunit. Do I have to disconnect the headunit power lead to fit it, or will it just plug in and play...
  5. Alternative CD Changer that fits in the Glovebox?

    I want to replace the [email protected] HU and CD changer in my MY03 Leon Cupra. Does anyone know of a (preferably 10/12 disc) CD changer that will fit in place of the glove-box mountet OEM unit? If I can get a changer that fits, I'll just buy an HU from the same manufacturer. MP3 compatibility would be...
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