MK1 Leon Cupra 180 Clutch (AUQ Engine)

What should I do?

  • Have a garage do it, take their advice on the flywheel

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  • Do it myself (post a comment about the flywheel)

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  • Do it myself (replace the flywheel regardless)

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  • Run it til it breaks then worry about getting it fixed

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Sep 10, 2018
Hi All,

My first major post, I know this sort of thing has been discussed before and I've done quite a bit of reading. I'm really looking for someone with first hand experience to give some advice, thanks in advance!

So I got my Cupra for what I think was a decent price in the knowledge that it would be due for a clutch soon (its on 85k miles and hasn't ever been replaced). I didn't realise however that garages would quote £4-500 for this and up to £850-£900 if it needs a new flywheel too. So these prices have me thinking I'm going to do it myself (unless anyone knows of a cheaper reliable garage in East Kent?) as I've found kit for £160 ish. I've not changed a clutch before, but I've done coilovers, timing belts etc. so I'm not completely inept.

A couple of questions.

1. Anyone done this before? Do you have any tips/tricks you can share? Anything to look out for/be careful of/not do?

2. What do we think about the flywheel? I've read some people replace the dual mass for a regular flywheel, is this something I should consider? I've spoken to some people who have said not every one needs to be replaced, can anyone shed light on what I should be looking for?

3. The car has 85k miles on it and the only symptom making me want to do the clutch is noise when the pedal is depressed. There is no slipping, I've put it in 6th and floored it from about 2k rpm all the way through to about 4k with no slips at all and no smell. I'm thinking it is either the release bearing or pressure plate making the noise, but its pretty loud which is why I want to get it done. Would you agree?
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