My first Ibiza :) 1.4 sc

So i bought myself an Ibiza as a nice little poresent for getting my new job, extremely happy with it :) especially as its my first new car :)

The model is Seat Ibiza 2010 plate, 1.4 SC


Thats it at the dealer :) ready to be picked up

Things i have already done since buying it:

Personalised number plates, Done
FR grille, Done
Stubby aerial Done

In the process of doing/ going to do:

Black vinyl roof - Change of plan, done boc front
Spray ibiza letters black - Done
Whiter headlights, side lights and fogs - Done (Just need fogs doing)
Spoiler - Need to save lol
Possibly lower the car - Need to save

Thats about it for now :)

Will get some pics of the grill, aerial when i have time.
Will get more pics of new mods when comnpleted :)

Opinions and advice on anything is appreciated :)
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Right, ive done a few more mods since my last update,
these include, new stubby aerial :)


Painted calipers and drums :) nice red to show them off behinds the 17's :p



After :)


Did these by simply getting some red engine paint, and a nice brush and taking my time on them.

Finally got the honeycomb FR grill on :)
Matches the bottom grills and it looks awesome :D

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The next set of updates i felt like making things black to stand out
Started off with the letters at the back :) (Copied Char on these :D )



Then finally i thought that i would vinyl wrap the front of my SC Boc black
I am sure that many boc owners will slate me for this, however i cant afford one and like the looks (it stills says ibiza on the back lol)


There are a few bubbles and creases in but i can live with them for now, as its vinyl i can just rip it off any time :)



Nice comments only please :) thanks
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Wash It!

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Feb 21, 2009
I've seen someone switch the standard headlights for the Mk5 Cupra items, they have much less chrome in them and more black which I think would suit your blackened front end very nicely.

Nice looking motor though, white is very popular at the moment :)

Wash It!

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Feb 21, 2009
I've borrowed this pic from m0rk's Cupra RR thread. Although he wasn't the one who switched the headlights, it does show the extra black parts of the Mk5 Cupra headlights perfectly:

Thanks in advance to m0rk for the pic.
they really do look the shizz lol, however i don't really wanna pay £150 for a set,
but i have started a new thread as i have seen some that have been sprayed white, and some yellow.
So i was thinking about just spraying them myself really lol
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