New Parkers Guide Review on MK4 LEON - 16 Nov 2020


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Nov 19, 2020
A useful multi-page review of the 2020 Leon (dated 16 November) has appeared on the Parkers Guide website:

SEAT Leon Review (2020) | Parkers

From our own experience of our new MK4 Leon, we would absolutely agree with their following statement:

"We found the lane-keep assist system quite annoying, always nibbling at the steering with warning lights and bongs sounding if you didn't stay precisely in the middle of your lane. This can prove quite annoying, so make sure you test the system on your test drive."

We drove our new car again yesterday and ended up switching the Lane Assist off for most of the journey. In addition to Parkers' view of it being "annoying", I would add that it is distracting (which is then the opposite of a driver's safety aid). This is particularly the case when providing a wider berth for cyclists on a 40mph road (but still staying within the lane). You find the steering wheel tugging to the left at precisely the moment you do not want it to. I think the Lane Assist feature would be beneficial on motorways and dual carriageways (if nothing else than to enforce good driving behaviour of indicating as you move across lanes), but on busy 40 mph roads much less so.

Request to SEAT....... More than happy for the Lane Assist Feature to show up as disabled on the screen when it is switched off. HOWEVER, there is no need for the additional bright orange warning triangle on the left hand side of the dashboard to illuminate too!

Educated Scruff

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Nov 19, 2020
I find that all the driver assist systems are over sensitive, mine will also ping to put your hands on the steering wheel even though my hands have never been off and the front collision constantly pings and bongs when you approach another car thats at a standstill either directly in front of you at a junction or at a standstill in another lane at a roundabout.
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