Newbie - Arosa 1.4 TDI


New to this site but not a new Seat owner. Thought my first post should be with my car which i've had the pleasure of owning for the last 18months.

Right I have a Seat Arosa 2002 1.4 PD TDI......

Enough boring stuff here's the car and its specs: :whistle:


1.4 3cyl PD TDI
Custom Code Phase 2 re-map
Jetex full exhaust system


Ibiza Cupra/GTI 15's alloys wearing BF Goodrich rubber
40mm AVO springs
Lupo GTI rear valance
Debadged mesh grills
ATE Grooved powerdiscs


Full Ibiza Cupra half leather interior
Boost gauge
Sparco Gear knob

Sorry about the pics - needs a good clean :happy:







Its my daily hack (which is why its not mint) as i commute 70 miles a day does the job fine :D

Any comments and further ideas write it down....

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That looks minted mate.

Sits perfect. Maybe just colour code the front valance to match the rest of the car but thats all i can think of.
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That looks minted mate.

Sits perfect. Maybe just colour code the front valance to match the rest of the car but thats all i can think of.

Cheers :)

It did use to be colour coded like below:


I got a new bumper last year and when the body shop said they can colour code it, if I wanted it to be fully prepared for painting (as its just rough plastic finish) it would cost a lot more, so I got them to colour code it but the paint came off easily with stone chips so in the end i just removed the paint off the valance as it looked a mess with all the stone chips.


Looks lovely!!

How much power does the remapped 1.4 produce?

Hard to say as I haven't had it fully rolling road tested yet, but they vary in output.

Custom code quote between 110-120hp but i don't trust figures as such, and more likely to be around 100-110hp with a fair amount of torque.

Chip'd 1.4 TDI units range from 105hp-118hp from other owners but the torque figures vary.

Its a nippy little car for what it is given that i get 50-60mpg driving normally :funk:

But i'd love to bring my car along to a rolling road session sometime with other Seat owners


hi mate, nice car
were the ibiza seats hard to fit? they require abit of grinding? think it looks like a nice comfy mod! :)


Cheers, i cannot take credit for the seats as the previous owner fitted them. They fit ok, being a modified fit they're not 100% perfect fit in terms of when you pull the seats close to the dash side of the seats cash the centre consol but never an issue as i don't sit that close.

Must have a look at how the subframe was modified sometime, but in all the seats are hard but comfy I find, especially with my 75mile daily commute.


Rear seats seem to just slot in, only bummer is a little gap between the 2 separate seats the middle which expose a bit of the underneath body, but luckily there's some leather of the same type of the seats that covers the gap so you cannot notice.

Its quite nippy, was going to get it rolling roaded this weekend at JKM but i'm not 100% confident over the clutch taking too much strain so don't want to put too much stress so will leave it for a bit.


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Jan 25, 2009
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I just brought a 1.4TDi Red Arosa.Ive just had side exhaust done as bloke said i could'nt have middle one and badgeless grill and i saw your pics and was impressed.

There was some cupra half leather down a brokers yead some as yours off an old shape ibiza so i Got them cheap for £150 cuz i noticed they fit in yours but my bf tried to fit them and they dont fit!!
i am well gutted i got to pay £300 to have them custom made.
did yours go straight in ?
and how comes you got a middle exhaust:confused:

thanx hayley
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