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Nightmare With Frozen Driver Passenger Door Help


Hi guys, hope you can help me out with this.

My drivers and passenger side door are not opening in these tempreatures. The problem doesn't lie with a frozen door frame, but with the actual door locking mechanism from the handle to the side of the door where the small bar is raised when opened and lowered when closed.

When you are trying to open the door from the inside front you usually hear a click when yo pull the handle, but in these tempreatures there is no click, as the mechanism is probably too cold to move up and open the door.

So the handle is not corresponding with opening/closing mechanism.

I have to climb in via the rear which is a bloody nightmare, and heat the car up, usually the door works after 15 mins of full heat.

I've probably made a bad job of explaining the problem, but does anyone have any ideas or had the same problem.

I've tried anti freeze and ddw40 on the side of the door. but to no avail. the metal mechanism seems to be cold to work rather than frosted.


Sorry, I am referring to the latch which doesn't seem to open. Thanks


Frozen doors

No answer for you, I'm afraid, but just to let you know you are not alone. My 1.4 Chill doors open when its cold and then immediatly freeze shut on both sides, exectly as you say. The Missus is not impressed at climbing in through the rear doors.
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