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Platinum Grey - Shopping list


'Awesome' LCR225
Nov 17, 2007
OK, so I'm building up a stock of products to keep my car looking betteer.

What I've bought so far;

Meguiars NXT metal polish
Collonite 476s wax
Sonus SFX clay/spray
Sonus sheepskin wash mitt

What else would you recommend to finish off my kit?

I need something for the windows (inside and out), a paint sealant, something to clean up the alloys.

Any help would be appreciated. :)
Sep 3, 2009
Walsall, West Mids
Sealant... i'd go with DoDo Juice Red Mist Tropical - its easier to use than the original RM. Or Zaino Z8 grand finale.

Both are spray sealants to use min 24hrs after applying the wax (to make sure the wax is fully cured) and will add a nice finish to the paint + extend the life of the wax layer by covering it with a synthetic layer of sealant.

If your after a dedicated pre wax sealant then something like Chemical Guys Jetseal 109 is hard to beat... you can use it on your wheels as well to good effect.

HTH, Nige
DPM Performance