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  1. Dynamic Grey - Is it metallic or pearlescent?

    Looking at getting a cupra 280 and have come across dynamic grey, which seems like a pretty interesting colour. Just wondering if anyone can confirm whether it is metallic, pearlescent or standard 'flat' paint. Thanks!
  2. Luna grey spoiler removed from my 08 plate fr

    Luna grey spoiler removed from my 08 plate fr very good condition paint is perfect complete with brake light will this fight my 1.2 ibiza as a straight swap or will it need modified in anyway apart from being painted obv
  3. my platinum grey ibiza cupra

    a bought the car standard last year got the windows tinted and had it remapped now
  4. Furia Grey LCR!

    Wohoo! I'm getting my new baby very soon (saturday). And here is one teaser pic for you :) :funk:
  5. Zenith Grey Leon FR, What colour Wheels?

    Well, i'm picking my car up on Wednesday and really looking forward to it now!!! It's Zenith Grey in colour, and has the 18" Andromeda Alloys on it. All 4 wheels are kerbed so the first thing i'm going to do is get them refurbed.... My main decision is trying to decide what colour to go...
  6. Stiglet

    grey paint- is there a difference ?

    i have a luna grey seat sport and have just seen a platinium grey FR for sale quite near me.... i didnt even know they did platinium grey :shrug: is it very different from my luna ? kinda wanted a different colour new car really but if milage and condition are good then cant be too fussy..if...
  7. Grey Cupra R with dark wheels anyone?

    Hi all. Does anyone have any pics of a grey Cupra R with dark standard wheels? I am thinking about having them refurbished in a darker colour, but it would be good to see what they look like before choosing what colour exactly. Cheers :D
  8. zach225

    ibiza tdi 130 .BIG TURBO. 273bhp. FOR SALE??

    PLEASE SKIP TO THE END TO SEE RECENT PICTURES OR BITS ABOUT THE CAR hey all, thought i would put up a readers ride thread this is my 8th car, 1st seat but had the same engined golf and also had the a3 and the TT with the 1.8t lump in so im not new to the vag style scene...
  9. swoosh225

    Swoosh's lcr and mk2 leon fr picture of new toy

    Have been a member for several years but have only just managed to get some decent photos loaded on the laptop.Hope you like these pictures they were taken in september.It used to be standard but i got bored.The specs below Engine mods cat back magnex exhaust full samco hose kit Bda...
  10. calum001

    Platinum Grey LCR - Project Showroom

    Been on here for a few months but finally got my Leon Cupra R at the weekend. I bought it off a pal that's had it for the past 4 years. It's in good condition but needs a bit of TLC in areas. It's probably been washed about twice in those 4 years aswell so a good clay and polish/wax will be...
  11. jonjay

    New Ibiza 1.6TDI CR - Track Grey

    Hi Guys, Getting a new Ibiza 1.6TDI CR. Haven't had much time to do research but anyone here got one? What did you like/not like about it? Also do you think getting ESP and the 17" alloys is a good option or will it ruin the ride somewhat? Finally what are the common problems with the mk5...
  12. nimbus grey

    has anyone seen a leon in nimbus grey and wot do they think
  13. Brad's Platinum Grey Revo Stage 2 Leon Cupra R

    Hello All :) Well, yesterday was the end of an era for the tdi as she got part exchanged for my LCR, sad to see her go, but guess it was time to move on. Here are a few pics of my new LCR :D Inside the showroom After picking the LCR up :D please excuse the dirt already from britains...
  14. My Platinum Grey LCR

    I've been on this site for a while getting valuble hints and tips over the last year but haven't really posted much due to my 1 year old son keeping me busy. The car is pretty much as i bought it... it was an impulse buy after having a quick drive following constant problems with my vectra...
  15. ChrisGTL

    Platinum Grey - Shopping list

    OK, so I'm building up a stock of products to keep my car looking betteer. What I've bought so far; Meguiars NXT metal polish Collonite 476s wax Sonus SFX clay/spray Sonus sheepskin wash mitt What else would you recommend to finish off my kit? I need something for the windows...
  16. NicksGotAFR

    Furia Grey Cupra

    Has anyone ordered/got one of these? ive ordered one this morning but would really like to see pics!!
  17. kyle18uk

    Obsidian grey - F57Q??!

    Hello, I'm getting my car resprayed in January, undecided between the original artic silver and Audi nimbus grey, but then I know seat did a mk2 Ibiza in (I think) Obsidian grey - F57Q, it's similar to the nimbus grey. Anyone got any information on this colour? Was it offered in this...
  18. F8 CMR

    My Luna Grey Leon FR Tdi

    not been a member long but thought id post some photos up of her :) Well i hope you like and i hope the pictures work Cal
  19. Luna Grey, Chrome Wing Mirror Caps?

    :blink:Hi everyone, I've had my Leon FR now for a year. I still have the standard wing mirror caps on it but they are not shiny enough for my liking!!! I have purchased some chrome ones but I'm not sure if they'll look right. Has anyone got any pictures of a Luna Grey Leon with Chrome caps on...
  20. Light grey upholstery - Wet 'n Dry extraction

    Hi all, something a little different for you today.. This was a very last minute booking through a friend for his BMW 318 compact. A nice break from the norm, as, this was an Interior only detail. Product • 303 aerospace protectant (UV protection for dash/plastics etc) • AutoSmart G101...
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