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possible boost leak?

craig lcr

Active Member
Oct 19, 2006
i know that there is alot of other thread on this but would like some help with it.

i reacently got my LCR remaped but just recently it has developed a bit of a stutted when accelerating.when you put the power down it goes fine until about 10psi then has a little stutter but then goes again upto 20psi with no problems.
also it just seems to stop all the power instantly when you stop accelerating or lift off the pedal the slightest bit.

ive had a look undrer the bonnet and couldnt see anything split wise or loose but alot of the breather pipes are really soft could replacing these stop the problem or should i contact the remaper?

thanks for any advice given.



LCR jabba'd
Oct 1, 2007
could be a few things. best to get pipes changed with remap as standard pipes suffer taking higher boost. if its the standard tip still then i'd recommend getting yourself a silicone forge, ths , samco or apr one. in our cars when remapped the turbo intake pipe (tip) has a tendancy to collapse stopping boost or pausing should i say. if you go on to the forge website and check for tip for audi tt 225 hp which is same as lcr you'll see what i mean as they have a video of it happening.. the ones i changed are the tip and the upper front intercooler hoses. these are the ones most effected i found with higher remapped boost. good luck matey.

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