1. Best boost gauge (budget)?

    Hi all, What boost gauges are people running? I had a look on forums/fb groups but couldn't find much on which ones are the best/most recommended. Are the ones for like £20-40 quid on ebay any good? I looked at ones like Turbosmart, VDO, Racetech and Stack too. Is it worth spending the extra...
  2. Any suggestions welcome

    Hey guys. I have already used the search function and cannot find the answer I am looking for. Sorry if this is quite long. I drive a seat ibiza cupra tdi 2004. When I purchased the car 2 years ago all the work had already been carried out. Hybrid turbo etc. The Engine management light...
  3. 2.0tfsi weird loss of boost please help!

    Hi everyone I have had this issue since taking owner ship of the car when it was stock now stage 1 I have changed every service item plugs coil filters dv n75 etc I have experienced this odd boost problem has gotten worse since mapped as more obviously boost. so 3rd gear or above you floor...
  4. Inconsistent boost at high rpm!! 2.0tfsi

    Hi all recently I have been experiencing weird boost issues. so I haven’t long had my stage 1 map on my 2.0tfsi Leon now 250 bhp everything was fine for a few weeks but now at mid rpm I can hear a hissing as if it was a boost leak then if I floor it it will progressively fade away and get the...
  5. Ibiza Cupra Tdi boost issue

    Hi Folks, Bought an Ibiza PD160 back in Feb, great wee car which i got for a good price because it had a few faults of which one (Power Steering fail) i got fixed thanks to the great info from this forum. However i still remain with one issue. When accelerating from low revs say 1500rpm in 2nd...
  6. 1.2 TSI Ibiza - P334B P334C - turbo issues

    Hi, Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI. My car recently started entering limp mode randomly with both the EPC light and Engine Management Light appearing, went to my local garage to get it checked out and got the following code back : P334B00 - Boost Pressure Actuator - mechanical fault So, after having a...
  7. Redrckt

    Boost gauge

    Alright lads, just wondering if anyone has installed a boost gauge trying to find the best place to route the vacuum hose into the dash or just to get it through the firewall, cheers
  8. Low ecu boost problem

    I have a 2015 cupra 280 SC, no mods other than jb1. Later turbo type. Just ran a data log via my jb1. My ecu is only requesting max of 12 psi - about 0.8 bar. I did wonder why the car felt slow. Car is in stock trim, no idea why the ecu requested boost so.low, car feels like it has no turbo...
  9. Specified boost?

    Hoping to do a specified v actual boost check on my 2015 Leon cupra 280. Does anyone know what the specified boost levels should be? Cheers.
  10. Boost VCDS Measuring block number?

    Want to do a specified v actual boost test on my 2015 Leon cupra 280. A mate has VCDS and has asked if I have the measuring block number for the test, can anyone help with this? Cheers
  11. thecalstanley

    Symptoms of a boost leak

    Hi, What are the general symptoms of a boost leak? I’ve noticed over the past few days the turbo sounds a bit like a hair dryer when boosting. Might be nothing and I’ve just not noticed it before but like all things, best to find them early to prevent a massive repair bill if there is a...
  12. Turbo cutting out - EPC light? Help?!?

    I have a 1.8tsi DSG Leon and out of the blue about a week ago it through up the EPC light and seems to have lost power. It’s feels like the turbo just shuts off, it still revs to redline and can sit on a motorway. Just feels like 80bhp as apoosed to the 180bhp is has. It is intermittent and...
  13. mini_hammy

    boost problems

    well after few people telling me its prob my n75 valve a replaced it with no sucess so a was looking at my n249 and n122 (whatever its call) and that wee black and white thing (whatever thats called too) lol and a have done the bypass but one of the plactic bits on the n249 and the other...
  14. do i have a boost leak?

    When i first start my car and drive it reads upto 20psi on the boost gague however when the cars to temperature and been driven hard the boost seems to back off then come back on asif im goin off and on the gas. Then after a while it wont boost over about 8psi, I have no warning lights or...
  15. Electronic boost controllers

    Ive got a mk2 golf with 1.8t in running a gt30 hybrid turbo from owen developments its running omex manegment, im running a manual boost controller at the min which works ok but i want the power delivery abit smoother, would it make any difference running a different boost controller and would...
  16. Blowing boost pipe off?! anyone had this problem?

    Hi there, just bought a 55 plate cupra r, remapped up to 270ish brake.. and now and again it blows the pipe off between the long alloy pipe from the turbo and the intercooler, it was blowing it clean underneath the standard jubilee clip, so i go a rather agricultural heavy duty mikalor boost...
  17. hoggy90

    Boost gauge

    anyone bought this before or bought anything from this seller? think it looks half decent!:D
  18. bateman fr

    sfs boost pipes help needed

    hi guys have got a sfs kit for my pd150 what do i do with the vacum ball on the front of engine that is attacted to the boost pipe ????
  19. boost pipe photos

    does anyone have photos of the hard plastic boost pipe from a pd130 engine and also the dimensions of the openings at each end. thanks
  20. mini_hammy

    boost and blue smoke

    well lately a have seeing blue smoke and when i reverse i can really smell burnt oil like its coming out of the exhaust and also its holding 5psi then dropping to 3psi and am having boost spikes not often tho 17963 P1555 Charge Pressure Upper Limit exceeded does this sound like...
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